Who has the majority in the Senate

Democrats win a majority in the US Senate : Trump's second defeat

The Democrats can be relieved, nothing more. Her success in Georgia has historic dimensions. But they have little reason to be cocky, even if they will now control all three centers of power: the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Your power is tightly limited.

The Republicans are hit by the defeat, even more so than Donald Trump's loss to Joe Biden. Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff defeat Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue unexpectedly clearly. This is a debacle for the Grand Old Party. Georgia, like most of the southern US states, had been their territory for decades. Under the circumstances familiar from the pre-Trump era, they should have clearly won both races.

This course makes it clear: Trump's strategy of polarization does not save victory, but accelerates the loss of power. Not only at the national level, but also in the hitherto reliably conservative states.

Biden now has a free hand to form a government

With the - admittedly very narrow - majority in the Senate, taking office will be much easier for the 46th President Joe Biden. He does not rely on the goodwill of the Republicans in the composition of his government team. Whether minister, head of agency or ambassador: the Senate must approve each appointment.

Thanks to the one-two victory, the Democrats are now able to do this on their own. The Republicans cannot systematically block them. In the event of a tie - each camp has 50 seats - Vice President Kamala Harris has the casting vote.

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This is also good prospect for Germany and other US allies. You will get contacts in Washington for the various areas of cooperation more quickly than with another exit in Georgia.

For the first time a black Senator from Georgia

However, this stalemate with Vice President Harris as the "tiebreaker" will not be enough for a "ruling through". Joe Biden does not have a free hand to implement key campaign promises such as an ambitious climate policy or higher taxes.

If even one Democratic senator refuses to approve a controversial project, Biden lacks a legislative majority. That forces him to moderate and compromise.

All in all, the Georgia election process is encouraging. For the first time an African American represents the southern state in the Senate, a historic triumph with great symbolic power. Raphael Warnock heads the legendary Ebenizer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where civil rights activist Martin Luther King once preached.

The other winner, Jon Ossoff, is a 33 year old documentary filmmaker of Jewish descent. He becomes the youngest senator since 1973, when Biden became a Senator from Delaware at the age of 30. The many votes for Warnock and Ossoff illustrate the social change in the USA.

America shows: It frees itself from the grip of Trumpian populism. Slowly and with extremely tight election results. But Georgia has reaffirmed the nation's mandate to Biden to change style, rhetoric, and substance.

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