What are the ingredients in Aperol

Aperol Sprizz

Aperol Sprizz is a popular cocktail or aperitif from beautiful Veneto. Here is the recipe for Aperol Sprizz.


2 cl Mineral water
4 cl Aperol
6 cl Prosecco or white wine (dry)
4 Pc Ice cubes

Recipe preparation

  1. For one Aperol Sprizz fill a long drink or wine glass with ice cubes.
  2. Then add the Prosecco (or the white wine) and the Aperol and stir a little.
  3. Finally, add a dash of mineral water, depending on your taste.

Tips on the recipe

If white wine is used, you should make sure that you use plenty of carbonated water to taste, so that the drink gets the necessary splash.

A Aperol Sprizz Best to drink with a straw. A slice of orange or lemon, for example, is suitable as a decoration. Alternatively, mint leaves or a slice of lime can also be used.

It is best to use a Prosecco Spumante, a real sparkling wine with more carbonic acid pressure, for an Aperol Sprizz instead of a Prosecco Frizzante. But you can also make it with normal white wine - you should choose a fruity wine, such as a dry Muscat or a Riesling Kabinett.

Aperol is a bitter liqueur from Italy and is mostly used for an aperitif or in cocktails. The Aperol Sprizz is not only a really tasty aperitif, it also looks good and gives you that holiday feeling.