What is America's major agricultural export

World agricultural trade: USA dominates in imports and exports

Hanover - The free movement of agricultural products is of great importance in the international economy.

In 2016, agricultural goods worth 1,610 billion US dollars were traded worldwide, but according to the Landvolk press service, the data prepared by the major world food organizations FAO and OECD only take international trade into account, i.e. not within the EU.

Germany continues to play in the medal positions in international agricultural trade, but Germany’s share of international trade in agricultural products is still quite modest at 4.7 percent.

The most important exporter of agricultural products in 2016 was again the USA, which led the statistics with goods valued at 133 billion US dollars. The Netherlands followed in second place with 83 billion US dollars, Germany was closely behind with 76 billion US dollars.

The USA also headed the list as the most important importer, importing even more goods than it exported for 138 billion US dollars. In the export statistics, China followed in second place with 100 billion US dollars, Germany followed again in third place with 100 billion US dollars.

In the balance sheet of its goods flows from imports and exports, Germany again showed a deficit in agricultural trade, with more goods being imported than exported for 14 billion US dollars. The statistics for Brazil, on the other hand, showed the largest export surplus at 58 billion US dollars. Argentina followed with 34 billion US dollars and the Netherlands with 23 billion US dollars.

In contrast, the statisticians calculated the highest import surplus for Japan with 57 billion US dollars, followed by China with 33 billion US dollars and the United Kingdom with 31 billion US dollars in third place. Germany followed in seventh place.
agricola pro agricolas wrote on 02/20/2018 09:56(29) (7)
Exactly the above number juggling expresses the holistic disaster to which impertinently self-evident decadence in particular our western industrial affluent societies have degenerated.

In a rough replica, only 1% of the world population occupy third place in the ranking of the same euphorically celebrated success statistics, with only an absolutely submissive, extremely stunted "residual people" of 1.5% within German borders still pumping these pipelines faithfully lemming-like to the point of complete self-abandonment. These 1.5% of the precarious, meanwhile, systematically disparaged by an administrative juggernaut, can only be breathed into the vital economic breath by means of state transfer payments that recur at regular intervals as exclusively fixed, calculable and plannable income, but only of course (!!!) with consistent good behavior of the respective enslaved serfs of the modern age, so that these miserable existences do not increasingly lose their efficiency.

This manifests itself more than clearly the FAILURE of a professional representation, which is still archaically narcissistically positioned, ALL THE LINE, over decades; a failure of precisely those protagonists, themselves pasted up with innumerable monetary consolation patches and thereby systematically instrumentalized as compliant stirrup holders of that colossal economic power that arrogantly brazen with the above facts and figures, devoid of any morality and ethics, knows how to boast without a social storm of indignation to break off the fence; although WE ALL have long been brutally confronted with the extremely serious excesses of such neglect of prosperity. - Hermetic isolation (!?) is impossible without having to accept even more far-reaching catastrophic consequences.

Regardless of this, we farmers are currently dominated by an undeterred “CONTINUE SO” !!!

... GIVE US TODAY OUR DAILY BREAD - but, please, of course dirt cheap and plentiful, with at least a third of the potential for disposal, just in case! Especially and especially in the ranks of our western worlds of prosperity. - AMEN!

The above statistics, published by a peasant professional association, which acts absurdly under the cloak of non-profit status, having to take notice as a dumb peasant, unmistakably shows the correspondingly fatal expressiveness of these figures, data and facts!

Is it really surprising that our world is getting more and more out of hand, that we knowingly slide into extremely unstable conditions without any life-saving braking mechanisms !?

A note on the side:

A profound expert on this “scene” recently discovered that 98% of the tractors licensed on farms in the FRG that were sold last year could not be paid for by the respective farmers, they are not the owners of these technology giants themselves.

Only 2% of “solvent hobby farmers” save a bit of a former farmer's honor!

Any more questions, dear professional grandees in "intellectually" well-practiced low-headedness, secluded high up in your super comfortably furnished branches !?
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