What was the samurai armor made of?

Darth Vader's armor

Darth Vader's armor



“He is a machine and not a human anymore. A diabolical machine. "
- Obi Wan Kenobi on Darth Vader(Source)

Darth Vader's armorwas vital for him after his lightsaber duel on Mustafar with his former Jedi master and friend Obi-Wan Kenobi and gave him a threatening appearance; however, it severely restricted his use of power. Until his death in the year 4 NSY, Vader had to wear it permanently as it ensured that he was supplied with adequate oxygen.



The armor consisted of several parts. For example, the helmet could be broken down into three individual components. It was completely black, which underlined his inner darkness and earned him a certain amount of respect. A heating system was integrated into the armor that enabled it to operate even on the coldest planets such as B. Hoth to go without freezing. As an added embellishment, the armor had a long black cloak that exudes authority.

The chest plate was made of black durasteel and protected the badly damaged chest. It was under the chest panel and encircled the shoulders as well. The legs were surrounded by black durasteel shin guards that were supposed to protect the prostheses. The boots were permanently attached to the prostheses. Since the two prostheses that were attached to Vader were slightly longer than his earlier, organic legs, he towered over almost everyone he met.

In order to ensure the survival of the Dark Lord, the armor was equipped with various aids. For example, there was a system in the armor that used electrical impulses to stimulate the paralyzed muscles so that they could do their work again. Since his lungs were also badly damaged, a system had to be installed to ensure that he was ventilated with sufficient oxygen. This system worked non-stop, which meant that he would inhale and exhale even while speaking, and regulated itself according to Vader's momentary needs.

Under the durasteel he also wore plastoid plates and a special multy-ply suit that was very flexible and repelled blaster shots, the suit was black, like the rest of the armor, and protected Vader's internal organs.

In addition to the protective and life-sustaining function of his armor, it also permanently supplied him with chemicals, the recipe of which was an old secret of the Sith and which considerably increased his strength and endurance.

Single components

The armor's chest panel controls the armor's life support systems. The function could be checked via shafts. Over time, the chest panel has been renewed and improved again and again. The chest panel was one of the most important parts of the armor.

The helmet was hermetically sealed so that no outside air could enter. He provided protection for the badly burned head and made sure that the air in his lungs kept circulating. Without this helmet he would die. Photoreceptors provide a better picture of the surroundings, but he no longer sees with his own eyes and asks his son Luke shortly before his death to remove his helmet so that he can see him with his real eyes. Since his vocal cords were as good as destroyed on Mustafar, there is a voice amplifier in the helmet that ensures that he can speak clearly. The amplifier distorted his voice enormously, however.