How is it that some people are just unlucky

Why are some people always lucky and others always unlucky?

The law of resonance

Why are some people always lucky and others always unlucky?



But after reading that karma only strikes in the next generation, that didn't really appeal to me as a solution. I'll check again later if it's true.

And that would also mean that I have no influence on my happiness, but just have to surrender to God (or whoever) just let it happen, because it is so predetermined.

Anyone who knows me a little knows that I can't just accept something like that.

So, back to the law. So how come

My thesis is that we have a lot to do with what happens to us and what happens to us. Terrifying?

Not necessarily.

  • I wear what I radiate.
  • I mirror my counterpart.

It is already written in the Bible:

Because what I feared has come upon me, and what I worried has hit me. - Job 3:25

Do you all know enough Bible sayings.

Maybe later.

Personally, I see this as the great opportunity to take our lives and our happiness into our own hands and to determine it.

How does that look for you? Wouldn't that be much better? I mean so.

Let's start with a little equation:

Coffee would be great now, but I forgot to buy some ...

That actually explains everything!

Please think about this right here.

I want something, but I haven't done anything for it. Can't work, can it?

Didn't buy coffee, so I can't drink it. And before the hint comes again from two of those affected; yes, that also applies to tea. And of course also applies to the superheroes, big and small.

Before we get confused here ...

I am only lucky in my life when I expect it. The same way the other way around. If I await the disaster, the likelihood is much higher that it will happen too.

What do you think is better then?

To expect luck or bad luck? I know my answer for myself and some of you should think about what you really expect.

So, my request and idea to you:

If you want to be happy, do something for it. Expect happiness and look forward to it!

That on the subject of happiness and resonance.

What can you do yourself now to ensure that things run even better in the future than before? Do you already have an idea?

Just try not to expect the bad or bad, but the good.

Just face the other person with a smile and expect the good.

Just assume in the future that your counterpart is so grumpy, has nothing to do with you, or he is just thinking about how he can make you special and not just a little joy. Interesting idea, right?

Just write me in the comments how you will deal with it in the future, so that the law of resonance also works for you.

And by the way, I'm going to get two packages of coffee now. You never know…

best regards

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