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Reduce sickness rate and absenteeism: Sustainably reduce the number of days absent from your employees

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By Frank Mildenberger


Numerous sick days, countless unplanned absenteeism and the habitual absence (absenteeism) of employees cause your company considerable financial damage. Your image as an employer also suffers significantly. In addition, the obvious absenteeism among loyal colleagues and in the team causes resentment and demotivation. This precarious fact is a sad part of everyday life in many companies. But what else can you do in addition to company health management and the usual motivational talks to reduce the number of days absent from your employees? With the EEBM® method developed by Frank Mildenberger, this book provides the desired, practical remedy in this sensitive area.
This book will help you effectively break the vicious circle of absence, absenteeism and absenteeism and show you and your managers relevant and tried-and-tested measures based on a comprehensive guide. In this way you can reduce the number of days absent for your employees and increase their motivation in the long term. With these measures you also identify disloyal employees who are poisoning the atmosphere of your company in order to make them decide. A decision for or against your company. You will also learn how to rehabilitate employees with long absences so that they can be reintegrated into the team. In the end, you can expect a lower sickness rate and more motivated employees as well as a significantly more positive, appreciative working atmosphere among employees.

About the author

Dr.-Ing. Frank Mildenberger received his doctorate in engineering and has been a passionate management consultant, mentor and expert in entrepreneurship and interpersonal communication since 2014. Dr. Frank Mildenberger developed the holistic EEBM® method, which is based on emotional intelligence, the theory of life forces and the classic development of consciousness. He supports executives and entrepreneurs in the daily challenges related to corporate management, strategy development and business development. However, he also offers his support successfully with change projects and with interpersonal problems. He also accompanies people in their search for their true selves, supports them with mental and emotional blockages as well as with professional and private challenges in life. With a lot of empathy and his method of modern spirituality, he supports people in their individual development of consciousness so that they can fully develop their mental and spiritual potential.