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Successful to your own fashion label: You need this know-how

What you should know before starting your fashion label

Starting your own fashion label: step-by-step instructions from founders - for founders: How do I found a successful fashion label? This is how it works: The practical ... from A to Z + insider tips & tricks

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Even if some famous designers have made it as lateral entrants, several years of training as a fashion designer, in which one learns basic knowledge about collection creation, production and textile fabrics, is recommended.

If you are willing to invest more time in a solid education, the best you can do is complete a tailor's training before studying fashion design.

There you will intensively get to know different processing options and later on you will not only be able to fall back on previous knowledge within your studies, but also make more technically experienced announcements to production.

In the training to become a fashion designer or tailor, you usually learn rudimentary business and economics knowledge, which, however, needs to be deepened when starting a business. From the classic adult education course to distance learning, there are many ways to refresh your business knowledge and thus lay another important cornerstone of the label's establishment.

The harsh reality of the fashion business

As hard as it sounds, the fashion world hasn't been waiting for you and your collection.

If you want to be competitive as a fashion designer, you need a meaningful unique selling proposition. In order to find your niche, extensive research in advance of the foundation is a must, and you should invest a lot of time in it.

Because without a clear profile you have no chance in the highly competitive fashion market and disappear as quickly as you appeared. You should invest just as much time in researching the competition as defining the USP. In the best case scenario, you can learn from your competitors' mistakes and take advantage of them for yourself.

Fashion brands like H&M and Zara react extremely quickly to new trends and, with 12 collections per year, set a rhythm that no small label can keep. Compared to the big fashion chains, you can score points with individual designs, high-quality workmanship and selected materials.

When creating the collection, you should therefore make sure that you not only offer coats for winter in an autumn / winter collection, for example, but also transition jackets for mild autumn days. This way you can reach more potential customers and generate more sales at the same time.

This is how you can make a living from your fashion label

No matter how much passion you have, if your own fashion label is not making a profit, your dream will quickly turn into a nightmare. Every designer must therefore be able to calculate the margin of his garments.

The fashion market has been booming in recent years, but profit margins keep falling. While at the beginning of 2000 you still got 460 euros for a dress with a production price of 100 euros, in 2013 it was only 340 euros. The reason for this is the aggressive prices of the big fashion retailers.

Not only contacts with other designers, but also business economists and the startup scene can be an advantage for the future career path. Founders know best how to set up a company and can provide advice and assistance when setting up their own. It is not uncommon for one or the other contact to become a partner for your own label a few years later.

And cooperation partners are also extremely important. One should not underestimate the fact that contacts can also act as so-called "door openers". For example, if you know ten people, you can get to know 100 new people through these ten contacts.

Start-up support: This is how Judith Behmer supports young designers

Starting your own fashion label: step-by-step instructions from founders - for founders: How do I found a successful fashion label? This is how it works: The practical ... from A to Z + insider tips & tricks

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Do you want to know how to win retailers for your products, find investors or successfully introduce a foreign brand on the German market? These are all questions that you can address with Judith's support.

You can find a first taste of the service provider on Judith Behmer's blog. She studied fashion designer and business administration, has been active in the German fashion market for almost 10 years and has always been passionate about establishing newcomer brands.

After experience in retail and wholesale, Judith Behmer gained experience in various textile consulting projects.

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