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The 8 Best Forex Trading Platforms For Beginners


There are many forex trading platforms in the market. Each platform has a unique set of tools that enable the trader to conduct their trades with ease. While most of the platforms on the market are designed for general use, there are some that are more suitable for beginners.


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Seasoned traders who have mastered their craft often choose a platform. For beginners, however, choosing the right platform is critical to a successful trading experience. Here are the 8 best forex trading platforms for beginners that are too Artificial intelligence stocks offer for trade.

1. Admiral Markets
Admiral Markets is the best forex trading platform that provides an easy way for traders to trade. The platform supports various trading platforms including MetaTrader. The great thing about Admiral Markets is that it is available on multiple platforms. Thus, it is possible for beginners to use it from any device or software that suits them. Since it includes features such as transaction cancellation, it is also a great tool for risk management.

2. AvaTrade
AvaTrade is another platform when it comes to introducing beginners to trading. This platform not only offers different account types, including Demo and micro accounts, but also supports fixed and variable spreads. The platform also offers traders a manageable leverage of 30: 1.

3. Markets
Markets.com is a trading platform that offers some great insights. The platform is used by traders of all levels, but is particularly suitable for beginners. With its powerful decision-making tools, this platform enables beginners to make smart trading decisions that will get them off to the right start. Various analysis methods are also supported. The platform includes free webinars to help traders learn.

4. XTB
XTB is an award-winning trading platform that, unlike any other platform, offers customer support. Traders who register on this platform can expect to trade over a thousand trading instruments. The platform operates in the UK and is also available in several European countries available. There are fixed and variable spreads and there are separate accounts that hold client funds.

What are trading platforms?

While trading on the stock exchange was for a long time reserved for professionals who acted on behalf of institutional investors, today practically every private person can start trading. In addition to a depot, all you need is a trading platform. This can either be installed as software on your own computer or accessed via the browser. Depending on the design of the platform, not only stocks and other stock market products can be bought and sold, but professional tools such as order supplements or chart analysis tools can also be used. The trader can also use the trading platform to get a constant overview of what is happening on the stock exchange and the values ​​in his portfolio.
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5. XM
When it comes to trading MetaTrader, there may not be a better platform than XM. This platform has received multiple awards for its excellent integration of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Traders involved in the various markets can use it to access data and make an appropriate analysis of the markets. XM is a great option for beginners as it's simple and straightforward. Although the platform has only a variable spread, it is one of the best for competitiveness, customer support and security.

6. Plus500
Plus500 is known for its unique web trader platform. The leading CFD trading provider has been in the market for a long time. He has helped beginners get to know the market. Users are allowed to operate two types of accounts - demo and standard. Beginners will find this platform great as it has removed commissions on trades. The platform is also the highest rated CFD trading option. Over two thousand instruments are offered in various markets.

7. Pepperstone
Pepperstone is a platform recommended for beginners because of its low spreads. This award-winning Australian CFD broker platform supports all major platforms. It also allows access to demo and standard accounts. In addition, the platform is safe and credible because it is powered by FCA & ASIC is regulated. Overall, the first class customer service makes this platform a breeze for beginners.

8. IC Markets
Finally, IC-Markets has a number of features that make it great for beginners. It has some of the lowest spreads and supports MetaTrader 4. Most of the users who choose this platform also cite the ECN broker which is included as a popular tool. Apart from that, the client funds are used in segregated accounts and there is a negative balance protection mechanism. All of these features are vital for traders who are just starting out in the market.

Indeed, there are many platforms that you can find in the market. However, not every platform is suitable for beginners. To be successful, beginners need to look for specific platforms that suit their needs. The platforms mentioned above are some of the friendliest, most competitive, and efficient options for beginners. They are the top options for any trader who wants to start their trading journey without any challenges.