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The gold value determined here must not be confused with the price that gold buyers or precious metal dealers offer when buying gold. Gold jewelery or old gold must be recycled, with cutting costs and melting losses.

Dealer purchase prices and everything else about buying gold here:

What does ounce, fineness or carat mean?

The ounce is the standard measure of weight for precious metals. One ounce (abbreviated: oz or uz) is 31.1 grams. In addition, price queries are available from our Gold price calculator per gram and kilograms possible.

The fineness refers to the precious metal content in an alloy in parts by weight in a thousand parts. In the case of gold jewelry, the specification in carat common. In the jewelry sector, pure gold is rarely used, but gold alloys.

examplecaratfinenessGold content in% (alloy)
Gold chain24 carat99999.9% (corresponds to "pure" gold)
Gold ring18 carat75075 %
Gold earrings14.04 carats58558,5 %
Gold bracelet8 carat33333,3 %

How do I know the fineness of gold?

Information about the alloy is provided by the hallmark, a small stamp that is standard today on jewelry. The hallmark can sometimes be missing on old jewelry or gold jewelry from abroad. But that doesn't have to mean that it's not real gold.

Gold bars are usually gold with a fineness of 999.9, i.e. almost pure gold.

In the case of gold coins, the GOLD.DE price comparison provides information on the fineness of the respective coins on the detail pages: Selling gold coins

Calculate the gold price of scrap gold

All you need is a fine scale (Letter scales or digital kitchen scales) as well as the hallmark. The most common alloys for gold jewelery and broken gold are 585, 333 or 750. These two values, i.e. weight and fineness (or carat value) must then be included in the Old gold calculator will be registered.

Of course, this is only a rough assessment of the value. In the case of dental gold, foreign components must be deducted; in the case of jewelry, valuable gemstones must be included separately in the value calculation.

Why is the gold calculator in euros and dollars?

Of course it is in this country Gold price in euros decisive. However, the world gold price is fixed in dollars. Thus additional information for all those who want to deal with the gold market in more detail. The euro-dollar exchange rate is of particular interest here.

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