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Poll: Are Bloggers Hiring Freelancers?

Most people now know someone who is either making a living freelancing or using various platforms to make extra money. The gig economy has risen sharply in recent years and there is no sign of it slowing down.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the US alone, 16.5 million people are considered freelancers. And a Future Workforce Review 2018, According to Upwork, nearly half (48%) of U.S. businesses are currently freelancers, up 43% from 2017.

Worldwide, the average hourly rate for a freelancer is $ 19. This has to be attractive enough as more than half (51%) of freelancers say that no amount of money would tempt them to return to a traditional job.

This brings us to our latest question: Do people who “blog” hire freelancers? To answer that, we created a survey and got some interesting results.

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The 5 takeaways from our survey

We reached out to a group of 22 bloggers to see if they use freelancers, how they use them, and how they outsource or keep the work in-house. The 5 most important findings from our survey opened our eyes.

1-66.7% of the bloggers we surveyed hire freelancers

When asked if they hire freelancers, a majority (66.7%) said they do. The rest (33.3%) keep all of the work they do in-house.

Why don't bloggers hire freelancers?

Among respondents who did not hire freelancers, some of the most common reasons they gave for their decision were:

  • I like to do it myself
  • Budget constraints
  • Concerns about the quality of the work
  • Outsourcing lacks authenticity

2- 50% of bloggers spend less than $ 500 a month

Half (50%) of respondents say they spend less than $ 500 a month on freelance work. 25% spend between $ 1.001 and $ 3,000, 18.8% spend between $ 501 and $ 1,000, and the remaining 6.2% spend over $ 5,000 per month.

3- Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour and are the most popular with bloggers

The majority of the bloggers we surveyed use Upwork (31.3%) to find and hire suitable freelancers. The second most popular platform is Fiverr (18.8%), followed by and Peopleperhour (both with 12.5%).

Both Upwork and Fiverr together have acquired more than 50% of the shares.

4- Facebook groups, LinkedIn and Community are the other places that people are looking for outsourcing

While there are online platforms that freelancers can use to connect with clients, these aren't the only places these two groups can be found. According to the survey, there are several ways bloggers can find freelancers:

  • Facebook groups
  • Local communities
  • A personal or professional reference
  • LinkedIn

5- The most popular outsourced task is web design related work followed by content writing

Just because we survey bloggers doesn't necessarily mean they'll outsource content creation (some do). Blogs are online properties that require graphics, SEO, and other specialized skills to outperform their peers.

Some of the most common tasks bloggers outsource are:

  • Design (website, logo, other graphics) - 81.3%
  • Content writing - 62.5%
  • Web development - 50%
  • Social media - 50%

Do you need help finding and hiring a freelancer?

Sometimes it can be more beneficial to hire a freelancer than to have in-house staff or to do a job yourself. Freelancers can work where they are (usually at home) which reduces your overhead, and many have special skills that bring them to the table.

But someone who calls themselves a "freelancer" doesn't necessarily mean that they are giving you what you want and need. Remember, there are millions of freelancers in the gig economy. So there is a good chance that some of these people are much better than others.

How do you find this top talent? Here are some tips we gathered from respondents.

1. Define your scope and know what you need

It will be difficult to get quality work if you can't share what you need with a freelancer. Before hiring, it is important to have a clear picture of the task that you plan to outsource. Clearly write down your scope and set the deadlines for completion. The reason for this is to avoid any confusion between you and the freelancers.

Another reason to have a clearly defined scope is to avoid being a scope creep. You may not know that most projects get canceled due to uncontrollable demand and changes in scope. Here are our respondent's tips:

Be as detailed as possible in your requirements as this will help the project go more smoothly and stay on track. It also helps to set expectations for the final results. - - Chris Makara

Make sure you understand what you're looking for, what it's like to work for you, and what to expect in a long-term relationship. The more specific you can get, the better. I also make it a point to include the wage rate in my first few communications to make sure we are in the same stadium so as not to waste each other's time. - - Maddy Osman

Ensure a good fit by setting expectations and making sure they respond quickly to communication. - - Vinay Koshy

2. Look for talent on platforms or in your network

As you can see from the survey results, there are many different places you can find a freelancer. When hiring on freelance websites, one of the most valuable tips, samples, and reviews is to read. Reviews are the best indicator of performance because they come from previously paying customers like you.
Here are some of the most popular hiring platforms to search for talent:



If you want to dig deeper into the difference between the two platforms, check out our Upwork vs Fiverr article. However, you may need the freelancers to work with the specific platform, like one of our respondents here:

I'm not special, it's just important to me that you take Simbi - Ricky

In addition to the platforms, what do our respondents say when looking for freelance candidates?

1) Do research on VA first. How do they work? How do you want to be paid? How much time will you invest? How much commitment do they require from you? 2) If you are looking for VA then I will say don't go for cheap. Always remember that quality doesn't come with less. You get what you pay for. It's my biggest learning so far. 3) Check the reviews when renting an exp VA. But do not hesitate to work with a new one. New VA works so hard to make you happy. 4. No negotiations with new VA. - - Bhawana

The first thing for any web development to outsource is to choose the right outsourcing partner. Then ask them about previous references, e.g. B. the customer and previous products. Don't forget to evaluate the flow of communication as going through the complaint process is painful and time consuming. - - Jerry low

Quality of work done and timeliness - Enstine Muki

Experience and Pricing - Azlinas Miswan

3. Adjust your needs to match your experience

If you need someone to re-code your website, you may want to hire a coder instead of a graphic designer. You might want someone to do your financial accounting using BigCommerce instead of traditional bookkeeping.
In other words, tailor the job to the skills and experience of the freelancer. Once you have written a clear requirement, as I mentioned earlier, you can look for suitable candidates on the profiles of freelancers.

If you're looking for freelancers with specific skills, here is an example of a niche freelance platform:


Additionally, some bloggers have the following to say about this:

Do your research first. Take a look at their portfolio and have a chat to make sure the freelancers can do what you hire them to do. Second, you have clear, short and clear deadlines. Always set the deadline a few days before you need content to have some wiggle room. --- Sharon Hurley Hall

Look for an experienced freelancer who has the right skills for your job. - - Bill Acholla

Don't forget to interview them. - - Joe Kok

4. Sort the freelancers and interview them

Don't forget to interview the shortlisted candidate!
Since you are likely to have a great deal of interest in your positions or projects, be sure to interview your final candidates before hiring anyone. Here are some questions to ask before making up your mind:

  • How would your last customer rate you?
  • What is your typical turnaround time?
  • How will you keep me updated?
  • What time zone do you work in?
  • How do you see this position in the long term?

Pay attention to their answers and don't assume that the candidates have the same work culture as you. These basic questions can help you learn more about the candidates and lay the foundations for better outsourcing relationships.
Further tips from our respondent on this topic are:

Take the time to examine people thoroughly. When hiring on freelance websites - and especially when hiring writers - you will often come across situations where the shared samples were not actually written by the applicant. You will also come across scenarios where applicants share examples of things they actually wrote but that have been edited so heavily by someone else that the final drafts differ from the original articles day and night. - - Tabitha Naylor

I prefer to hire a few and then give everyone the same job in order to find the best among those shortlisted. Also, make sure your job description has something weird in it to filter out those who don't read everything (e.g. start your cover letter with the capital of Ireland). Khalid Farhan

5. Establish a long-term relationship

Hiring a freelancer is a bit of work so you don't want to repeat it every time you need to get a job done. It is valuable to develop long-term relationships with these workers.
If you are looking to build a long term relationship with freelancers, here are some stats to keep in mind. According to MBO partners, the freelancers expect more than money from their clients, for example:

  • To have their work assessed - 96%
  • Control over your schedule - 89%
  • Control over their work - 88%
  • Treated as a team member - 83%

In short, you have to trust their expertise.
Here are some additional thoughts from one of the respondents:

When hiring people, think long term. Don't take anyone for just 1 or 2 months (or for 1 or 2 projects). Train them, learn from them and try to keep them for as long as possible. Not only does it build a healthier relationship, it also takes your job very seriously. - - Anil Agarwal

6. Don't make a decision based on price alone

Using a freelancer can be an inexpensive way to get the job done on your blog. However, this does not mean that you are choosing the cheapest option. Instead, you want experienced freelancers who will suit your needs.
You may find a random freelancer who can solve your problem at half the price of an experienced person. But the chances are good that the result of the solution will also be significantly less professional.
This is what one of the respondents said on the subject:

Same as "buy nice so you don't buy twice" - hire good freelancers so you don't have to spend more fixing bad work. - - Suraya

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Not all companies (blogging is a business) are interested in hiring freelancers, but you can't do everything yourself and expect a free minute in your day. Fortunately, technology has fundamentally changed the way we work, so you can get quality help for your blog at an affordable price.

However, let's see why bloggers don't hire freelancers:

Writing is so easy and fun that I do it myself. I've written over 10,000 articles during my online career, so I'm writing for free and easy - Ryan Biddulp

I believe that authenticity is the key to success, especially when we are talking about content marketing. I always recommend bloggers to post that speak about their experiences, opinions, and knowledge. And that's why I don't prefer to hire random freelancers for my content needs. - - Shane Barker

The audience is intelligent. You will notice even the slightest shift in tone and the apparent lack of authenticity. Communicating my truth is important for me and it is something that can be achieved through hiring a freelancer. - - Rhode InStyle

I don't need one at the moment. I will in the future and I worry that it will take too long to train them for what I need. - - Ileane B. Smith

Budget constraint and quality of writing - Yan Jian

Because I could do it myself. - - Wong Zhi Xin

Even if you were one of those most resilient to hiring a freelancer, these results should be food for thought. Your colleagues are increasingly using online platforms and other resources to connect with professionals in order to improve the quality of their websites and improve the overall experience for their website visitors.

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