Obama was born in Hawaii

This Tuesday is a public holiday in the White House. Malia and Sasha, the presidential daughters, will serenade their papa, then Michelle Obama will be able to present her dear husband with the present, which is kept like a state secret. "Happy Birthday, Mister President" will be heard wherever the 44th head of state of the United States appears on this day.

And all employees in America's power center should pay homage to their employer a little more cordially on August 4th, since it is the 48th anniversary of the date on which Barack Hussein Obama II saw the light of day. According to the birth certificate number 1511961-010641, it happened exactly at 7:24 p.m. in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu in the US state of Hawaii.

But that is exactly what a small, tireless group of Obama's subjects cannot believe. The mostly very conservative and quite white-skinned fellow citizens consider the yellow-greenish certificate from Hawaii to be pure forgery, despite the stamp and official seal - and the Democrats in the Oval Office simply for a usurper who has cheated himself to power.

In truth, Obama, known to be the son of a white American woman and a black guest student, was born in far-away Mombasa, Kenya - and because the US constitution requires the president to be "a citizen born in the USA," Obama is an illegitimate president . He must resign immediately.

Admittedly, the supporters of this conspiracy theory are mocked as "Birther", as "birthers", just as all those Americans have long since been called "Truther", that is to say "Truthers", who the terrorist attacks of September 11th as perfidious conspiracy of the Bush-Cheney Interpret government.

Nevertheless, the Birther managed to get their absurd message to the people via the Internet and with the help of right-wing radio and TV shows. They sound so shrill, so loud that only last week the Hawaii Department of Health felt compelled to reaffirm that Mr. Obama was "a native American".

The White House is calm

But Orly Taitz, one of the Birther's most agile propagandists, promptly countered at the weekend. The dentist and lawyer, who once immigrated from Russia, also published a birth certificate in an application to a US federal court and on her website: the child's name, birthday and the parents' data are identical, only this yellowed excerpt comes from a birth register in the Coast Province of Kenya. And the place of birth is emblazoned at the top: Mombasa Hospital.

That gave the Birther wings again, just in time for Obama's birthday. Meanwhile, the experts are certain that the new paper has been manipulated in the same way as the interview with Obama's Kenyan grandmother, which once created the impression with a trick and trick that the grandma was witnessing the grandson's birth in the African bush. So far, the White House has reacted calmly to the allegations.

Others get nervous. The parliamentary break is approaching, and Republican MPs want to use this time to mobilize right-wing opposition to Obama's health care reform and all the socialism that the president is allegedly hatching at home in the constituency. But they hardly ever get to it. Because fanatical birthers are appearing everywhere and blowing up the meetings.