May women undress for men

The absolute sex no-gos: six things that turn women off completely

What do women like during sex - don't they? I already addressed this question in the first part of this column. Well, I thought afterwards, maybe you should have guessed that unkempt men would not lure us out from behind the stove. Nevertheless, I think that such basics have to be addressed and spoken out from time to time. Too often we meet men who make an effort with their outfit, but neglect the rest: dirty fingernails, coffee breath, and since you had to rush straight from the office to the date, a shower was no longer possible. In fact, it was one of the most frequently mentioned points of criticism in an unofficial Instagram survey among female followers. (Also interesting: Are you burdened by your sex dreams? That's really behind it)

But let's look at other things that women turn off during sex.

6th place: Only satisfaction counts

I'd like to take it for a rumor that men are only interested in sex for their own pleasure. My personal experiences are too positive for that. Yet they were - and still are - there. Sex egomaniacs who lean back during a blow job and then give in to the urge to go to the gate directly and without further ado, while the woman is stunned and frustrated at the one-sided hustle and bustle. It does not work. Not really. (Also Read: How Multiple Orgasms Work In Men, too)

5th place: cheering shortly before the finish

A habit of many men that is incredibly exciting in theory: When SHE is about to climax and HE wants to coach her to the goal with that rough sex voice and says things like, “I want to see you come. Come on, now ... “Unfortunately, practice often spoils our pleasure in this case. Because many women already have problems reaching orgasm during sex for two. If he also starts to cheer her on as soon as something is obviously moving in her, this often leads to an abrupt drop in the female arousal curve. Why? Because we feel pressured. I don't know about you, but not everyone can work under pressure.

My tip: ask your partner if she likes your support. Who knows, maybe it's just her thing. Then I didn't say anything.

4th place: The great silence

It doesn't always have to be dirty talk with which we heat up our partner. Often a sigh or a careful groan is enough to show that the other person likes what I'm doing. Unfortunately, however, many men hold back even with this and are as quiet as a mouse until the grand finale. The problem: Too much silence unsettles us. Am I doing that right with the blowjob on him? Am I grabbing it too tight or not tight enough? Does he like it when I sit on him? Acoustic feedback is actually not only sexy, but also one of the best ways to let the other person know what we like during sex - and where he or she can readjust.

And now? What to do if you just aren't loud in bed? Let yourself go a little. Forget about the cool for a moment. Open your mouth and tell if it's a "shit, is that good!" Or just taking a deep breath in and out. The rest will come by itself.

PS: Of course there are also many silent mice among women. If your girlfriend is one of them, just leave this column open on your computer. The only thing you shouldn't blame her is. (Also Read: Does A One Night Stand Really Have To Be The End Of My Relationship?)

3rd place: No time for the top

As much as we welcome the fact that so many men like to lick - women are not just made up of vagina, clit and buttocks. Don't forget your partner's breasts during sex. The female breasts and nipples can be extremely sensitive - and the right touch can make some women go crazy with pleasure. (Also interesting: study reveals: You can tell whether women flirt with you by these 3 signs)

2nd place: "Why are you doing it yourself?"

So far, I've only heard from men who don't like it when their partner lays hands on themselves during sex. But friends and readers keep telling me about men who are irritated when the woman touches herself in addition to touching herself, some of whom it even offends. According to the motto: "Am I not doing this well enough or what?"

You know, sex is not a competition. Maybe you just didn't hit the right point, were too rude, or too careful. It can happen. So women take their pleasure into their own hands - and that's great. Because it a) relieves you and b) shows you that your partner can enjoy sex. Jackpot. (Also Read: How To Get Exciting Against Equestrian Position)

1st place: No laughing

What women do not want: Men who believe that sex is a matter of honor and death, a matter where you should NEVER laugh, otherwise the whole beautiful, devout mood collapses. We really want it, and real sex is neither choreographed nor trimmed to perfection by filters. Mishaps and misunderstandings happen even in the most passionate encounter. What helps? Humor. A man who can laugh at little dropouts in bed who doesn't take himself too seriously is exactly what women want.

Now it is your turn. Feel free to write me what women should absolutely not do during sex. I'm curious.

Mimi Erhardt is a sex columnist for GQ and You can find out more about the author here.