How can I do an animation course

3d animation course. Learn to make your own 3D animations with us, to create your own films and games or to get into the animation industry


Duration: 20h + extra support for the further development of your reel - Price: 600.00 € - Location: Berlin In a few hours I will bring you to the point where you have at least one step as an animator with practical exercises, the 12 principles of animation and advice and action into the animation industry and have a great reel to advertise. If necessary, I will show you how you can make your processes more effective and faster and how you can get more quality out of your animations.
You will get the software, plugins and scripts that you need to work as a 3d animator and with my 11 years of experience as a 3d animator for film, advertising and TV, you will get a quick and effective introduction to the industry.


Price for online lessons via webcam: € 30 / h
Price for 5 teaching units (package): 150 €
Price for 10 teaching units (package): 300 €

Course schedule

In 10 days of 2 hours we will deal with the following topics:

-Installation of the necessary Autodesk Maya software and plugins (medium PC required)
- Introduction to dealing with Maya
-Introduction to the principles and approach of animation
-Introduction to the use of 3d characters, rigs and tools
-lots of practical exercises and homework
-Creation of a reel with 3 animations that qualify you for entry into the industry

as a package for 600 euros! In comparison, you pay double to 10 times as much for online courses or at universities!

In addition, I will assist you with your own animations and improve your skills and reels at the normal hourly rate and advise you, as well as maximize the quality of your animations.
  • primary school
  • Lower level (grades 5-7)
  • Intermediate (Grades 8-10)
  • Upper School (Grades 11-13)
  • secondary schools
  • secondary school
  • High School
  • Adult education
  • Education
  • Master / Magister
  • Diploma degree
  • State examination
  • PhD degree
  • Other
  • Beginner
  • advanced basic knowledge
  • Advanced
  • professional
  • Other

practical information

  • I teach 3D animation. For the following levels: primary school, lower level (grades 5-7), intermediate level (grades 8-10), upper level (grades 11-13), secondary school, secondary school, high school, adult education, studies, master's / magister's degree, diploma degree, state examination, doctoral degree, Other, beginner, advanced basic knowledge, advanced, professional, other
  • Course duration: 20h + extra supervision for the further development of your reel
  • Price of this course: 600.00 €
  • Location: Berlin
  • Maximum number of students for this course: 10
  • Target group: everyone
  • Availability of the course: permanent