Why do almost all children love swimming

Toddler swimming

When does it make sense to start swimming with toddlers?

At any time! It doesn't matter whether you swam when you were a baby or whether you are starting from scratch, it will do you good and please you! Children love the water and benefit a lot from it! They let off steam, make new friends and get safer and safer in the water! We lovingly support your seahorses with a lot of fun on their way to the right swimming technique!

Water is a fascinating element for children

Children have endless fun in the water and love to play. Learning to swim at an early age supports the healthy physical, motor, emotional and social development of your child. After the swimming children have developed enough confidence in the water, they learn all the basic skills (diving, sliding, floating and moving). This is how they develop rapidly in terms of their motor skills. Movement in the water supports development on land and can intensify what has been learned so far. The children then learn the right technique while having fun and games.

Confidence and respect

In the beginning, the children swim with swimming aids for a short period of the swimming course. With the further development of their own skills, this help is reduced, often small children vehemently demand that "they can do this on their own". This process is important for parents too. You learn to trust your child's abilities and to accompany them on the way to a self-confident personality.
Swimming, splashing around and playing in the water is a lot of fun, but respect for the water should not be lost.

Playful, regular and without pressure

The majority of our seahorses stay with us for a long time, not only until they swim alone, but also beyond.
Our youngest baby swimming alone was 17 months old. However, that is not the most important thing for us, but that it happens with a big grin.
Children cannot learn to swim in a crash course, so our courses always last one semester. Regular repetition is important for sustainable learning of the movement sequences.

When does my child swim?

Children who swam regularly in their first year of life no longer need swimming aids very quickly. Some children swim all alone by their 2nd birthday. Some children are still very cautious, some real daredevils ... the pace in our courses is set by the toddlers alone, not us adults!

A wide variety of exercises and techniques are taught carefully. The most important thing is that your child likes to swim and have fun. Even if it only swims alone at 3-4 years of age, it fits! Courses with a swimming guarantee should definitely be questioned.

Our baby swimmers usually swim from their 2nd to 3rd birthday, provided they have been to the pool regularly and consistently (around once a week). With us, 2- and 3-year-olds learn to swim the first few meters above or under water in a playful way, 4-5-year-olds can then use the technique they have learned really well.
In all of our toddler courses, the children swim together with their parents. Only in the nemo course for advanced learners in Speising are the parents no longer involved.

If you have little or no "upstream experience", please contact us before booking the course in order to find the optimal course?

A good start in life

Last but not least, swimming for babies and toddlers helps parents to trust the skills and abilities of their seahorses and to accompany their children on their way to become independent and self-confident people.


In almost all of our courses, the underwater photographer Clemens Lechner accompanies you and takes beautiful photos of you and your seahorses, above and under water, alone or together.

What do you need?

  • Good mood :-)
  • Swimming trunks without buoyancy, bathing shoes and towel (on the first day we have bathing trunks and shoes in all colors and sizes to choose from)
  • Swimwear for the accompanying person
  • possibly good swimming goggles with all-round vision, they help some children to put their face and head under water. This way we can reach the waterfront location faster with laughing children!
  • Swimming discs or swimming belts, if you already have them, otherwise you can get them from us.
  • a small snack beforehand makes sense, it swims wonderfully well strengthened

What do we offer:

  • small groups
  • certified toddler swimming instructors of the Austrian Babyswim Association who are obliged to continue their education
  • Morning courses in Dianabad and weekend courses in Speising: Exclusive rental and 33-34 ° C water temperature
  • Afternoon and Saturday courses while the swimming pool is open in Dianabad: Wednesdays and Thursdays 33-34 ° C, otherwise 29-30 ° C
  • Dianabad: wonderful play facilities (slide, pirate ship, tunnel, paddling pool)
  • Course duration: 30-35 min / 1 x per week
  • large changing rooms