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What is changing for travelers now

Since this morning shortly after 8 a.m. it's official: Donald Trump will move into the White House as the 45th President of America in January.

The victory of the globally controversial Republican is a little surprising, as the polls showed a completely different picture until shortly before the election. But early this morning, Clinton's defeat became more and more apparent. Trump won important, because populous, states with Florida, Ohio and later also Pennsylvania and was able to do so in the end 270 elected electors get behind Clinton with a clear lead. In the newly elected House of Representatives and the Senate, the Republicans will retain the upper hand, as they did in the last term. But what does this election result actually mean for America and what will possibly change for travelers to the USA in the future?

I am interested in your opinion: will you still want to travel to the USA or has everything changed for you after the election?



Donald Trump as President - These are his goals

  • Donald Trump wants to create more jobs in the US by producing and importing fewer goods in China. Chinese goods are also to be taxed more heavily in the future.
  • Taxes are to be lowered for all citizens.
  • Trump speaks of that Construction of a wall on the border with Mexicoto stop uncontrolled immigration. Criminal immigrants should be deported.
  • The foreign policy focus is clearly on the destruction of the “Islamic State”, if need be with American ground troops. Currently, the US focus is still on the overthrow of Assad. Vladimir Putin could become a possible partner in the fight against so-called IS.
  • Donald Trump rejects controversial Free trade agreements like TTIP from. The planned free trade in goods between the USA and Europe could therefore again be put in the way.

... and what might change for tourists in the USA?

America is simply one of the most popular travel destinations. Last year, more Germans traveled to America than ever before. Will that possibly change after the presidential election or will tourists not even notice the change in power in the White House?

  • Since the dirty US election campaign, the image of the US in the world has changed. The value system that will enter the White House with the new president is therefore viewed by many as very bad. That could seriously worsen the positive image that tourists have of the USA, and it may even put some travelers off completely.
  • Shortly after the election, the financial markets reported a weakening of the dollar and the euro had already appreciated. In the future it is conceivable that the dollar rate will fall even further and that that Travel to the USA is therefore more attractive again from a financial point of view becomes.
  • A tightening of the entry regulations is not yet apparent. Although Trump's statements during the election campaign suggest that entry for Muslims could become more difficult in the future, it is not at all clear how this should be implemented. The erection of a wall to Mexico is also rather unlikely in the next few years, since this venture is likely to be very expensive. Travel from the USA to Mexico and vice versa should therefore still be possible in the future.
  • You can still enter the country with the electronic system for entry authorization, ESTA, which you can apply for online. You can do what can happen if entry into the USA is refused here read up.


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