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Pamela Anderson got married: this is her bridal look

Pamela Anderson did it again - she said yes! She secretly married her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst. GALA knows all the details about her wonderful bridal look.

One could think that Pamela Anderson, 53, is downright addicted to the yes-word, the marriage certificate, because: The cult sex bomb has dared again and married her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst. It is her sixth marriage to the fifth husband. She was married twice to Rick Salomon and once each to Tommy Lee (both have two sons), Kid Rock and Jon Peters.

Pamela Anderson: This is what she looked like as a bride

Even at her previous weddings, Pamela opted for not-so-traditional looks - we all remember the mini bikini in which she married Kid Rock. Also at this ceremony, which took place on Christmas Eve on her property on Vancouver Island, Canada, her bridal outfit surprised. Photos of it were posted by "The RASTA Sanctuary", an animal welfare organization that Pamela has been campaigning for for a long time.

The "Baywatch" icon wore a light blue Cinderella dress. The vintage dress dates from the 1940s, and she combined a corsage from the label "Lace Embrace" with a matching tulle skirt by Joanna Delaney. Valentino's dotted veil was inspired by "Princess Diana". Pamela didn't wear accessories or jewelry and didn't want diamonds on her ring.

The bridal couple said yes in the garden of the rustic property; Pamela bought the property from her grandparents. "I think this romantic property has a lot of healing energy," she explains. "I have found my peace here. The people who drive by here could probably see me running through the mud with the wedding dress and the veil. Heaven!" And indeed: to perfect the rustic country look, Pamela wore "Hunter" brand rubber boots. "It's the Canadian girl in me," admits the bride.

The couple met at the beginning of the lockdown last year, and confirmed the relationship in September 2020.

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