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Long Live Freedom: Reasons Why It Is Good To Be Single.

Lord in the house

Listen when you come into your apartment and close the door. What are you listening to? Bitches and reproaches? Manic cleaning noises? The comments of the sports show? No? Just. Your apartment is now all yours. If you want to put your feet on the table on the weekend or after work, then do it. If you don't feel like doing the dishes, or if you'd rather pepper your socks on the kitchen table, then go ahead and put them away when you want. Or get your apartment in top condition that no one will ruin with their filth or chip crumbs. Enjoy the peace and quiet or insert your favorite CD and listen to it loud and for as long as you want. Apart from the neighbors, nobody will complain. The refrigerator now only contains the things that you want to eat and nobody will eat you anything without asking. You now have a free hand with the set-up. Whistle on the tiresome discussions in furniture stores and get the couch or table that suits you. Just you.

No stress in bed

Let's be honest: was the marital bed always just a refuge of passion and tenderness? Or was it not rather a frustration machine often enough? In that case, consider yourself lucky. No more snoring of forest-destroying intensity disturbs your well-deserved sleep. Nobody steals your pillow or duvet anymore and leaves you cold and with neck pain. Above all, nobody annoys you with intrusive sex advances if you don't feel like it at all and, conversely, you no longer have to worry about a stress zombie who doesn't appreciate your erotic charisma at all.

Fun without the brakes

Party time! And without compromise. No jealous, clingy burdock in your tow that makes it impossible for you to flirt or socialize. And no partner waiting for your call or your return when the evening really gets going. Finally enjoy life. Do you fancy a one-night stand? No problem. Surrender to your mood and enjoy the peace and quiet of your guilty conscience. And even on more harmless occasions, they don't have to let the bad mood of a partner spoil their fun, who at best comes reluctantly and who is mentally at home again.

No argument far and wide

Life is too precious to waste time fighting, and if you are single you will rarely have one. After all, there is no one whom you can provoke with your bad mood, and also no one who pisses you off with their moodiness. Even tiresome discussions and disagreements are a thing of the past and you can forget about wedding anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine's days until the rind cracks. Without consequences. Your quirks and peculiarities are just as little cause for a dispute as those of a potential partner. And most importantly, no one will hurt, lie, betray or cheat on them.

My time

"You never have time for me ..." - Of course not! It's no longer necessary. Your time is now yours and you can spend it with impunity doing your job or hobby without anyone complaining about it. Your whole daily routine can only be determined by yourself. You no longer have to focus on the interests of a partner. The motto is freedom and free time management. From now on you can also enjoy your favorite series, films or football games without annoyed looks or chatter, whenever and for as long as you want. Another plus: If friends invite you for a spontaneous undertaking, you no longer have to clarify anything and can simply act from your gut.

My life

But that was just the beginning. Single life has many other advantages. Your appearance and figure are your only problem. You save money on gifts. You can go to yourself undisturbed and become clear again about what you really want in your heart. - We could go on like this for hours. If you want human attention instead, there are friends too. And at some point - ifthem after that there is - waiting again a new love on the horizon. Until then: Enjoy the break!