What is trending in the fashion of young women

20th century fashion:
From fringed dresses to skinny jeans

The Hamburg Deern Isabelle alias settebello_hh loves fashion and traveling. So she combined both and deals with the topics of fashion, lifestyle and travel on her blog www.siebensonnen.de. Her outfits, created with personality and passion, are always a good mix of fashion trends and timeless classics - elegant, feminine and diverse.

My favorites of the 20s

The Marlene trousers, which symbolized a new self-image of women and a feeling of independence from men, were certainly defining the style of the late 20s. The Marlene trousers have probably established themselves as a classic because they are still among other things. is used for everyday work. I particularly like the combination with a silk blouse and pumps.

Furthermore, the little black dress should of course be mentioned, which has its origin in the “Petite Robe Noir” by Coco Chanel. The little black dress is very elegant, but also has a seductive touch, which is probably why it has established itself so well over the decades. I prefer to style the little black dress with high heels and discreet jewelry, but the possible variations are very diverse, especially with regard to the footwear. Ballerinas can also look very chic.

The layered look has also persisted to this day, as it stands for individuality and sophistication. In addition, this is very practical, you can combine different types of fabric with each other. I find that z. B. pinafore and cardigan go very well together.

My favorites of the 30s

From the decade of the 30s, I would like to highlight the bolero jacket and the nylon stockings as particularly distinctive. Bolero jackets are more intended for an elegant appearance. Nowadays they are available in a wide variety of fabrics - whether made of knitwear, silk or jersey. The figure is visually stretched by the waisted, short cut, which was typical for the 30s decade. The nylon stockings, which are indispensable in our time, have a slightly higher priority for me. They are also available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. I like to use nylon stockings as an accessory to give a look that special expression, e.g. B. About the structure or the color.

My 40s favorites

Even if the war and the post-war period actually left little scope for fashionable refinements, Parisian chic - driven by Christian Dior - found particular attention in the late 1940s. On the one hand, the pencil skirt, which particularly accentuates the woman's waist, and on the other hand the leopard print (at that time `` jungle ''), which is currently experiencing a strong trend again, is to be emphasized. I typically wear the pencil skirt in the office or on official occasions. I then combine it with a (silk) blouse and pumps in a very classic way.

Occasionally I wear the narrow skirt in everyday life; but then with sporty sneakers and a casual shirt. Leopard patterns have no place in the conservative world of work. They are also less suitable for festive occasions. The animal print is just too intrusive for that. The animal pattern is much more suitable for everyday life or parties.

My favorites from the 50s

The 50s are characterized by an upswing and a feeling of freedom. After all, people had to do without a lot in the previous decade. In this decade, pants were almost banned, wide skirts - the petticoats - and the pencil skirts known from the 1940s were increasingly popular. And who does not know the famous appearances of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, who skillfully put their elegance in scene with pearl necklaces and white gloves?

But when it comes to what has prevailed from this decade to the present day, then it is certainly the bouclé jacket or the Coco Chanel costume. She provided the template for this back in the 1920s with a cardigan. The Chanel costume then gained greater fame in 1954 when it was officially presented in Paris. The basic cut has remained unchanged to the present day.

This timeless classic can be elegantly combined with classic pumps and a small bag. Occasionally, however, I also break the classic style and combine the jacket in a strong contrast. Here, for example, jeans with a used look are suitable.

My favorites of the 60s

In contrast to the 50s, when elegance and stylish class dominated the fashionable appearance, it became more unadapted and individual in the Swinging Sixties. Society was changing, just think of the student revolts and numerous demonstrations. So it also fit into the picture that the wearing style of the skirt became bolder and ended well above knee height for the first time. The miniskirt was born. The hippie movement in the second half of the 1960s gave further impulses in the form of floral patterns and batik elements.

In contrast to these bolder forms, there is the classically elegant shift dress, which became famous in particular through the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Along with the mini skirt, this is one of my favorites from the time, but I can't do that much with Hawaiian shirts. The shift dress or the little black dress can be combined very well with pumps or classic boots.

When it comes to miniskirts, I focus on contrasts. The following applies here: the tighter the mini skirt, the higher the top when it is closed. Although the mini skirt can also be worn well with high heels, I prefer to combine it with flat sandals or ballerinas. In your free time, sneakers and ankle boots are also ideal. Since the mini skirt visually stretches the legs, it doesn't matter that the booties shorten the leg.

My favorites of the 70s

Triggered by the flower power movement, the living out of individuality and diversity was intensified again in the 1970s. Fabrics were sewn together and re-combined themselves. The women wanted to set themselves apart from the classic, uniform department store fashion and present the creative unique items. And when it comes to length, too, things got a step bolder: in addition to the miniskirt, there were even shorter hot pants. We are still familiar with other trends such as bell-bottoms, platform shoes and catsuits in the present; bell-bottoms in particular experience a revival every now and then in a new version.

Although I really appreciate the bell-bottoms, my favorites from this time are the typical hippie and boho dresses. The playful dresses are for the summer, are easy to use and can be worn in your free time. Together with flat sandals, espadrilles or - more recently - cowboy boots they create a beautiful, girlish and casual look. For a sporty look, sneakers can be combined well with them. With elegant shaft boots or overknee boots, the dresses can still be worn well in autumn. I would advise against pumps. In my opinion, they make the already romantic dresses appear conservative.

Another favorite are the hot pants. Although by no means suitable for the office, they are a true all-rounder in their free time. I use it here as with the mini skirts: the shorter the shorts, the higher the top should be. The other accessories should also be used according to the length.

My 80s favorites

Increasing prosperity as well as increasing experience orientation led to a very extreme decade in the 80s. The hair was sometimes wild, sometimes asymmetrical or worn as a `` mullet ''. It was similar in fashion. This, too, expressed itself rather shrilly in the form of oversized shoulder pads, stiletto heels, white boots and bright colors.

My favorite, which has also established itself to this day, are over-the-knee boots. I like to use them to stretch the entire look a bit. In addition, the boots can be used for many occasions - in your free time together with skinny jeans and oversize tops. But they can also be worn in the office if the material and workmanship are of high quality. In the latter case, I combine them with a knee-length cashmere or shirt dress.

Especially in summer I like to fall back on shoes that were brought onto the market in the 80s: the espadrilles. It is fair to say that espadrilles are currently one of the must-haves. That is not exactly surprising, if you just consider the numerous advantages of these shoes: Thanks to the natural materials, they are not only beautifully airy, but also very comfortable. They go just as well with skirts and dresses as they do with trousers, regardless of length. For these reasons, they accompany me on every trip in the summer.

My favorites from the 90s

In contrast to previous decades, the 90s were not exactly characterized by new fashion releases. However, the different styles of music at the time gave some orientation. B. had manifested the hip-hop, grunge or ravel look. Synthetic fabrics in bright colors or printed T-shirts were used in particular through techno. In contrast to this was the from series like `` Beverly Hills 90210 '' produced playful girlie look with the floral dresses.

Choosing my favorites is a little difficult for me, as my fashion style is less extreme today, but more classic with a touch of sophistication and attention to detail. If anything, I would always interpret all of these styles in the direction of a more classic look. The chunky sneakers are currently celebrating their big revival. Although I bought the rather harmless form of the shoe, I like myself better in more timeless sneakers. Maybe it's also because I'm neither very tall nor skinny. So if I had to make a decision, I would choose the crop top in combination with high waist pants or a high-cut skirt. The tight cut of the top has a positive effect on the optical leg length. She appears more stretched and with the high-cut shorts I don't run the risk of showing too much skin.

My 2000s favorites

The 2000s don't make it easy for me to choose fashionable favorites. After all, it is the decade that hardly brought out its own styles and cuts. Rather, the decade made use of the fashion of bygone times and mixed up the various fashion epochs. However, with the large selection of fashion, it is not always easy to find your way around, not to stumble and to skillfully combine the different styles. After all, not everyone is a style icon like Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City.

Since almost everything was in vogue, I could name numerous items of clothing as favorites. However, I limit myself to one item of clothing that actually dates from this time - the boyfriend jeans. Not really a new invention, because you just borrow the loosely fitting jeans of your better half.

The jeans are made for leisure time: very casual in their fit, uncomplicated and extremely stylish. Men hate them, women love them. I like to combine them in a style break. Similar to Olivia Palermo, I wear them with ballerinas and an elegant top as a contrast. High heels and leather jackets go well with a shirt. While the first look is perfect for everyday wear, the second outfit is also great for a party. Due to the many possible uses of this type of jeans, it will definitely establish itself as a jeans classic in the long term.

My favorites of the 2010s

The 2010s are a fashionable cross-section of the past 100 years of fashion history. Almost all styles of the past can be found in the present. For example, the Peter Pan collar or the little black dress by Coco Chanel from the 20s should be mentioned. Even the pencil skirt designed by Christian Dior at the time or its jungle print have become an indispensable part of the fashion world. The fashion-conscious woman is spoiled for choice, so to speak.

My own wardrobe also houses almost every fashion decade. From bolero jackets to hot pants, almost everything is included. And that's a good thing, because actually every piece of clothing has its own story.