You can sell domains for a big profit

This is how you can still earn money with domains today - tips for successfully selling domains

Even when the fat years are over, the right approach can still generate solid income today. Those who develop creative domain names and at the same time can look to the future will find buyers in start-ups and online companies. Popular: Premium domains made up of short, generic terms with attractive endings. Well-known domain endings, so-called top level domains, such as .com or .de dominate. Keywords that users often search for are at the top of the list. Art names that sound good and are based on a trend are also suitable. By the way: According to rumors, the most expensive .de domain cost more than a million euros. However, it is not known what this was because domain deals over the million mark usually involve confidentiality agreements.

Domain trading: low riskO

Nowadays, domain trading is more worthwhile based on the volume and not the class of domains sold. Quick deals with high profits are no longer the rule. Successful domain dealers tend to work on the principle of constant dripping wears away the stone. After all, over 150,000 new domains are still registered every year. A large part for new websites, the other as an investment property. The advantage: Registering domains is cheap. The losses in the event of failure are small.

When are domains valuable?

One criterion is your Google ranking, but the name structure, SEO relevance and market potential are also important when evaluating a domain. Ultimately, it depends on the buyer's motivation to buy. The most important criterion is what benefits the domain brings to him.

In 2013, the introduction of new top level domains (nTLD) brought momentum to trading in domains. Thanks to these new endings, the cards have been shuffled again and, with a lot of imagination, domain dealers have been given new sources of income. Those who were smart enough to invest in the right combination of name and extension can still make a good return today with nTLDs.

Domains like stocks: it's all in the mix! Mix established endings with new ones. Even if .de or especially .com domains cost more, they are more secure, also in terms of the profit margin. An nTDL is cheaper, but also riskier because you may never sell it. You also need to be patient as the demand for nTLDs only increases over time, according to experts.

Alternative to selling domains: park them!

You can get an expert opinion for a domain from one of the numerous online providers for domain trading. The best-known platform for this is Sedo. The "Search Engine for Domain Offers" started as a pure search engine for domains. It now offers numerous services, such as domain parking.

This is an interesting alternative to making money with domains. The domain is actually used actively. Instead of a placeholder for a website, advertising is set to match the domain name. At the same time, the website receives a notification that the domain is for sale. There are special parking providers for this, who make use of a large range of advertisements from advertising partners such as Google. If you are interested in earning money with your domain in this way, you are at the right address with Sedo or Domainsponsor. The good news: In addition to the steady, albeit not high, advertising income, the chance of selling the domain faster and more expensively increases compared to unused URLs.

You go one step further when building a blog or website around the domain. If you manage to rank in the top 10 with your online offer, the purchase inquiries will come automatically. Advantage: You are not dependent on trends that suddenly turn a domain that has been uninteresting for years into a bestseller.

💡 Pro tip: To get a good nose for the potential of domains, you can find information on the blog, for example.

How to buy a domain!

Now we finally come to the core question: How exactly does the domain sale work? As you know, you can't buy domains because the internet doesn't belong to anyone in that sense. More precisely, only the ownership is transferred - the rights to a domain change hands.

There is no magic formula for this. There are many ways of trading domains: Buyers and sellers can, for example, contact each other directly via registrars such as Denic and agree on the terms and conditions of the domain sale. In addition to the presented variants of domain parking and the creation of a blog around certain keywords, selling via sales portals such as Sedo is the most common way.

Domain and hosting providers also offer domain auctions or domain trading services, such as GoDaddy.

Domain endings with a strong message - the new TLDs in the DomainFactory range

Focus on IT / technology:

.cloud / .digital / .download / .network / .software / .tech / .tel / .website

Focus on business / internationality:

.global /.group / .business / .international / .news / .world

Focus on smaller businesses / industries:

.cafe / .coach / .courses / .design / .doctor / .fashion / .studio / .style / .work


.direct / .family / .games / .live / .site / .store

Find out now about the complete range of new domain names (gTLDs) at DomainFactory. Here you will find all domain endings and prices as well as attractive volume discounts for resellers


Even if it is clear that the golden days of domain sales are over: With a good feeling for trends and the use of various strategies, such as domain parking or the creation of themed websites or blogs, there is still a lot to do with domain Trade to fetch!


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