What's wrong with political correctness

What is: Political Correctness

The pejorative

In this original meaning becomes political correctness hardly used today. In the 90s of the last century I only got to know this term in ironic use, as an expression for unfree, small-minded thinking. From the political right will political correctness used as a battle term to denounce political tutelage and censorship from their point of view. (Wikipedia). Campaigns against political correctness become a backlash strategy against emancipatory movements. Meanwhile has political correctness It has also found its way into general usage as a derogatory term beyond certain political directions.

Positive use of the term

A positive use of the term would also be possible: as a linguistic usage that is characterized by a special sensitization towards minorities and feels committed to anti-discrimination. (Wikipedia) This does not mean constant control in language use and self-censorship, but the good will to use language consciously. Anyone who is unsure about which words to choose in order not to offend or discriminate groups of people can follow the rulespolitical correctness orientate. It is not the perfection in correct use of the language that counts, but the will to learn. The security in the use of language comes with the practice.

Respectful behavior

Many here in Germany are not sure how to speak of people with black skin; or by people who belong to the Sinti and Roma minority. The German word “Gypsy” is perceived as disparaging, while the Spanish “gitano” can be a respectful term. Some are reluctant to refer to homosexual men as "gay" because the word used to have a stigmatizing meaning. On the other hand, many politicians and journalists have now learned to use this word, as gays are now confidently using it as their own name. So it is not a question of being totally correct in the sense of a thought or language police. Rather, what counts is the intention to speak and write respectfully and the willingness to be taught.