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In the RRR collection for 23 years
Elaborately restored when purchased

The triumphant advance of the scooter did not go ahead of the Iron Curtain either
Stop. Goods from a former Mercedes-Benz plant for aircraft engines
the Ludwigsfelde industrial works came into being. Rolled there from February 1955
first IWL roller off the production line. Once again it was up to the class enemy
prove that you could do better.

After the Pitty and SR 56 Wiesel, the IWL Berlin followed in 1959, the third
Generation of the GDR scooters. At first glance, there wasn't much to look at
to find something new, but under the big hood things looked different
out. The fan-cooled engine was bored out to 150 cc and
now made an impressive 7.5 hp. The 4-speed gearbox was still elsewhere
Music of the future, and the chassis left with hydraulic dampers, for a long time
Suspension travel and stabilizer on the trapezoidal swing arm are no longer restricted
to be desired. There was also a single-track trailer called on request
Campi, a collective collaboration between IWL and Stoye. 114,000 built
IWL Berlin, who proudly wore the city coat of arms on their leg shield, speak
Volumes. When it comes to scooters, the West was in no way inferior.
Born in 1909 was the first owner of the RRR-IWL Berlin, who im
April 1964 at Prenzlauer Berg in East Berlin. Two times in
He changed hands two years ago, but always stayed in his neighborhood.
The third is also the last holder entry in the original
GDR vehicle registration document. Even the “examination booklet” is still available.
In 1997, not only was the IWL and Campi bought, but one right away
Full restoration of the team with it. So came a wonderful in the original
Color "koralle 3401" restored IWL Berlin including campus
Trailer in tow in Vienna. The result can still be seen today
let see!