Why are software developers smart

Software projects as a team success

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My name is Stefan. Team sport is absolutely my thing! Regardless of which ball it is about - the decisive factor is not the individual performance, but the interaction. It's exactly the same in an agile development team. The success of every software project is a team success! Let's share our visions for smarter digitization and create great things together.

We celebrate your detours

What do you overcome hurdles for?

Nothing inspires us more than overcoming hurdles. The reward is great - eyes shining during the prototype thanks to fully structured, automated processes. An MVP that was created outrageously quickly on the basis of standardized designs and prefabricated application frameworks. And real, touching praise from within.

Our way there is called Less software. More clever. Come along!


How often do you get up again?

This is how our mission succeeds: Not because we can already do everything. But by daring each other. And know that everyone on the team supports you. That we celebrate our falls and our getting up together. That we pack our experience into sophisticated digital services that quickly deliver knowledge to customers and markets.

Every time you get up we learn again: Less software. More clever. Are you learning with us


How deep do you dig your way?

Your projects are highly innovative. You deliver quick results and gain market experience before others do. Our featurewerk provides the framework for your performance. And you learn the right course of action. But the responsibility is yours. How deep do you go into the subject matter? How thoroughly do you search for what is really crucial?

The deeper we get the more important it becomes: Less software. More clever. Do you mine?


How far do you dare to go out?

Industrial software development puts you in the fast lane. You use fully structured, automated processes, standardized designs and application frameworks. But the magic comes from you: your courage to experiment, your deviating from exactly the right place, your decisive sentence in the daily make the difference.

Dare to experiment means for us: Less software. More clever. Dare to do it!


How much space do you give to others?

Your success is mutual success. And vice versa. We rely on strong teams with great responsibility. To appreciative, open communication. On the personal development of each and every one of us. Your openness to others, to the unfamiliar, even to what seems strange to you, is our recipe for success.

The following applies to our personalities: Less software. More clever. Are you ready?


Are you a developer? Bring your stories!

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Less software. More clever.