What are some nursing interventions for pneumonia

Inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia)

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Everyone knows a common cold with a cough, runny nose, maybe hoarseness and headache. But what if it gets more serious? If dangerous pathogens enter the body via the respiratory tract, it can lead to pneumonia.

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Pneumonia can be acute or chronic. In the common infectious pneumonia, pathogens that enter the lungs when inhaled cause the inflammation. Rare causes of pneumonia include irritant gases or radiation.

What is the risk of pneumonia?

Certain people are particularly at risk of developing pneumonia: People who have a serious underlying disease - such as heart failure, a tumor, kidney disease or lung disease. In addition, all people over the age of 60 and residents are generally at an increased risk.

How is pneumonia noticeable?

Typical symptoms of pneumonia in young, otherwise healthy people are suddenly joined by fever, chills, shortness of breath, purulent coughed up secretion and sometimes chest pain in addition to the normal cold symptoms. Pneumonia in old age, on the other hand, often begins very inconspicuously and insidiously without these classic symptoms. A change in personality, confusion or a sudden tendency to fall can be the only signs of this threatening disease.

Early therapy is important

Since pneumonia can be fatal, especially for older people, despite modern treatment methods, it is crucial to recognize this disease early on and treat it with antibiotics.
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