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Sundried is a British active sportswear brand that sells premium active clothing at an affordable price. We answer all your questions from "What is active sportswear?" how to wash activewear.


At Sundried we want to encourage as many people as possible to get active. Whether that's walking or biking to work instead of driving, try a new sport like triathlon or going to the gym for the first time and making it a habit. Sundried's activewear is designed to be comfortable all day, so you can wear it for your commute or for walks around town, running errands or just socializing. If you are comfortable in your sportswear, you will be more likely to stay active.


We think adventure is what you make of it and every day brings a new opportunity. Setting big goals that seem scary and unrealistic at first glance can be a great thing. If you've never learned to swim, you can still do a triathlon. If you are very disabled, you can still climb Kilimanjaro. All it takes is determination, persistence and a strong mindset.

Our brand is inspired by the dreamers and those who want to do the impossible. For you, the impossible could run 2 miles without stopping. It could be learning to ride a bike for the first time or having the courage to swim in open water. We want to encourage as many people as possible to achieve their goals and realize dreams that they never knew were possible. Our fitness clothing is designed for every type of athlete, from runners to cyclists, yogis to weightlifters and beyond.


Our clothing is at the heart of our brand. We are constantly designing new sportswear and improving our collections. We have active clothing made from 100% recycled materials such as plastic bottles and coffee grounds, promoting a circular economy and reducing waste.

All of our active sportswear is designed by athletes who know what it means to be comfortable while exercising and improving performance while running.

Our advanced technical features include perspiration wicking, multi-way stretching, odor blocking and UV protection.

Even if you work in an office or a place with a strict dress code, you can still wear active clothing every day. Wearing active clothing on a daily basis is a question you may ask yourself if you feel uncomfortable in your clothing, suffer from unsightly sweat stains, or feel restricted by tight materials.

Wearing activewear on your way to work and changing your clothes is a great way to make sure you are comfortable no matter how you get there, whether you walk, bike, or use public transport. How often did you have to jog a little for the train or to the bus stop? Just that small amount of activity can make you sweat and leave you feeling damp and uncomfortable all day. When you wear active sportswear to work, you can benefit from the sweat-wicking and odorless technology that will leave you feeling fresh and ready to face the day.

Another great and easy way to wear active clothes every day is to put them on in fashion sportswear by layering and using color. Nowadays, sportswear is just as stylish and fashionable as casual wear, but much more comfortable. A simple pair of black leggings and a gym t-shirt could make a great casual outfit to wear from the gym to lunch with friends.

Where to buy active sportswear

You can buy the active sportswear from Sundried exclusively online. We sell activewear for men and women with a triathlon. We have collections for running, biking, outdoor, gym, yoga, and more.

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