How do hotels maintain affordable prices?

Tips & tricks for cheap hotels - save money before and after booking a room

There are many ways to save money when booking the hotel room or the entire vacation trip. In addition to the classic savings options, the Internet now offers travelers one whole range of new savings options at. With these tips and tricks, not only are room upgrades - such as the $ 20 trick known from Las Vegas - but sometimes very high Savings of up to 70% possible on the entire travel price. In the following weeks we will introduce you to individual providers from this overview in more detail.

Classic savings when booking a hotel room

It is no secret that the prices of hotel rooms and vacation trips are particularly high in the main season - and thus within the usual vacation times. The low season is usually outside the holiday periods, which means that travelers without school-age children join in Avoiding the main season, there is a high potential for savings offers. If this is not possible, flexible travel booking can be made via Last minute offers help save costs. The savings potential is particularly high on spontaneous trips, where there are only a few days between the booking and the start of the trip. Almost all booking portals offer a last-minute category in addition to the "normal" holiday booking. For example, you can find cheap offers for spontaneous trips via last-minute offers from the following providers:

Last minute offers

  • 5preflight - Here you can book package tours as well as flights and hotels separately
  • off-on-vacation - books all-inclusive or flight and hotel separately. Here you can also get holiday apartments and book cruises.
  • - You get last minute package holidays, flights or hotels, but also last minute rental cars
  • HolidayCheck - Last minute offers are sorted by travel destination and suggested to you

In addition, there are other ways to save by targeted for hotels without classification is searched. These have not been awarded four or more stars, but that does not mean that they do not offer the same level of comfort and service. Often times they include 4 or 5 star ratings namely above all that on the Room a hair dryer or similar features that have become completely irrelevant for many holidaymakers nowadays. They can often be found using a search function Selection of 0 stars call. Reviews of other travelers can help at this point to better assess the accommodation.

Hotels with 0 stars

  • - Tick the item "without classification" in the filter
  • trivago- the "no star" and 1 star filter can be selected together

Compare prices and call hotels personally

Comparison portals are a great way to find a cheap hotel room quickly and without much effort. There are now a number of portals on the Internet where many different offers are compared with one another. With these online portals, it is possible to display the cheapest and best offers by providing just a few details about the planned trip. This gives users the particular advantage that they do not have to visit many different websites themselves and compare their offers.

Price comparison portals

  • trivago - Enter your travel destination and trivago will find the "ideal hotel at the best price"
  • Check24 - Enter the travel destination, departure airport and travel period and find the right package tour

However, the search for the cheapest price should not end there, because In a personal conversation with the hotel, even higher savings can often be achieved become. The direct communication enables every consumer to negotiate himself and thus to undercut the cheapest online prices. So far, I've only experienced this with private accommodation - if you plan your holiday in an accommodation again in the coming year, landlords often offer to contact you personally instead of booking via the online portal and then come to terms with the price.

Travel flexibly but cheaply via blind booking portals

Blind booking is a new trend that is particularly aimed at travelers with flexibility. The more flexible Users when booking a trip are the greater savings can be achieved. Blind booking means nothing else than that Booking without knowing the exact travel details he follows. Only after the booking has been made will the traveler receive the details of the trip - immediately or shortly before the start of the trip. Particularly high savings can be achieved by booking a complete trip “blindly”. The traveler thus knows neither the exact destination nor the hotel. Other blind booking procedures, in which the travel region can be roughly determined in advance, require a little less flexibility.

Blind booking is now possible through many providers for flights, hotels or entire trips. To the known Blind booking providers for cheap flights include Eurowings and Lufthansa, for example. They offer users Flights into the unknown at very affordable prices filling up empty seats on airplanes. With these providers, users can, among other things, specify the departure airport and a travel category in advance, which means that slight restrictions can be made.

Blind booking portals for flights

  • Eurowings - Select departure airport and category and book - from € 49.99
  • Lufthansa - Select departure airport (only from Frankfurt / Main or Munich) and select flight destination - from 69 €

At Eurowings you first select your departure airport:

Then you choose the one category. Here you can distinguish between seven different types:

  • Sun and beach (from € 49.99, all others from € 33)
  • Gay-friendly
  • party
  • Culture
  • Metropolises
  • Shopping
  • nature

Once you have decided on a category, you still have the option, for an additional charge, Exclude categories.

Just what you want Travel date select and complete the last ordering steps. You can now do other services such as Luggage choose.

For example, if you look at the category Sun and sand and since you exclude three destinations, you travel in pairs and book an additional 23 kg per person, you end up with the flight into the unknown 290€ Overall, depending on where you land, it can be very cheap or rather expensive.

Blind booking portals for hotels

In addition to flights, travelers can also use the Book accommodation in the hotel “blindly”. Examples of blind booking providers for hotels include the following:

  • Hotwire - Enter travel details, view the hotel overview and book, then receive the address
  • Priceline- Set room prices yourself, enter your travel destination and name the price, and interested hotels will contact you
  • BetterBidding - Set room prices yourself, procedure as with Priceline

over Hotwire It is possible, after entering some travel details, such as the period, the destination or a price limit per day, to get an overview of all available hotels. A selection is not possible at this point, but this gives users a good overview. The exact address of the hotel will be communicated to travelers after the booking has been made.

Another type of blind booking is offered by providers such as Priceline or BetterBidding at. With these, users have the opportunity to set the price for the hotel room themselves. For this purpose, it is possible to narrow down the travel destination precisely beforehand and the customer himself determines a price that he is willing to pay. As soon as a hotel that meets the chosen requirements is ready to accept the price, the booking is made. Travelers thus have a direct influence on the hotel room price.

Bloookery - blind booking portal for flights and hotels

At Blookery it is possible Flight and hotel by blind booking to book.

  • Blookery - Define your desired criteria, get a blind booking offer with flight and accommodation, book

A personalized countdown ensures that the tension is maintained until the exact travel destination is communicated.

And it really is that simple: Click on the "Inquire free of charge" button on the home page and answer a few questions about your trip on the following page

  • What do you feel like doing?
    • Sightseeing
    • Nightlife
    • romance
    • city ​​trip
  • Which region do you want to travel to?
    • more northern region
      • Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
    • middle region
      • Belgium, France (middle / north), Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary
    • southern region
      • Albania, Bulgaria, France (central / south), Greece, Italy, Croatia, Malta, Macedonia, Monaco, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus
  • optional:
    • Do you definitely want to go to the sea?
    • Where do you definitely not want to go?
    • Where do you want to stay?
    • What kind of bath do you want?
    • When do you want to know where we're going?

So you can choose a lot here - in the second step you can enter how many people you want to travel with, from which departure airport, when you want to travel and how high your budget is. Then something will be selected for you and you will be given a prize. Only then can you decide whether you want to book or not.

Blind booking therefore offers many different ways to save. When booking this type of travel, customers should note that usually only one limited or no right of withdrawal consists. This makes blind booking less suitable for families with children. But for travelers who have the necessary flexibility and who like to be surprised, there is a good opportunity to save a lot of money when booking a trip.

Travel clubs promise cheap luxury vacations

Cheap accommodations as well as complete trips can also be about Travel clubs get booked. These should not confused with the classic club vacation where the holidaymakers mainly stay in a separate facility, the club area, during their stay. Travel clubs have the special feature that the Address offers only to their members. However, membership is usually free of charge. There are different travel clubs to choose from, depending on your needs.

DealDoktor SPECIAL: Secret Escapes experiences

SecretEscapes - Luxury Travel Club

  • Secret escapes - Offers with and without flights, often only available for a few days

Secret Escapes is one of the younger but well-known travel clubs. The British travel company was founded in 2007 and has focused on Specializing in luxury travel and luxury hotels. You can only choose from hotels with at least a 4 and 5 star category. The offer includes luxury hotels of all kinds, as well as city trips and package deals. These become members with a Savings of up to 70%offered.

Such high savings are realized through partnerships with the hotels and tour operators concerned. If the partner hotels have vacant rooms, Secret Escapes negotiates the price and passes the savings on to the community through exclusive offers. Anyone who registers with this provider free of charge. This gives the member Access to the regular exclusive offers. However, each of the offers is only made available to members for up to ten days, after which it expires. Flexibility is therefore also required for this type of booking.

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Benefit from price fluctuations even after booking

Many vacationers know it: the moment the hotel room or the trip has been booked, it appears cheaper elsewhere on the Internet. In this case, many travel agencies offer their customers the so-called Best price guarantee at. This often states that customers have the The difference will be refunded if they discover the same trip at a lower price within a specified time window. To do this, however, the offer must be identical and available at the same time. With some providers, this guarantee only applies to the day of booking until midnight, because travel offers are subject to strong fluctuations these days.

  • DreamCheaper - Make existing bookings cheaper afterwards

Vacationers can definitely benefit from these fluctuations. With the provider DreamCheaper, for example, it is possible to create a Rebook already booked trip afterwards allow. This makes it possible to receive the trip at a lower price even after the booking has been made. In detail, it looks like DreamCheaper searches booking sites and thus uncovered price fluctuations. If a lower price has been discovered, then it will a rebooking made within the free cancellation period. The savings achieved in this way averaged 15%. DreamCheaper keeps around 20% of this. In addition to the savings, a Optimizing travel booking aimed at, whereby the customer, for example, receives a travel update for the same price as a better hotel room and can thus also benefit from better conditions.

Couchsurfing and house sitting - an alternative to classic booking

Those who, as a traveler, can do without the comfort of a hotel, offer themselves with Couchsurfing and house sitting inexpensive alternatives at. Couchsurfing is now a synonym for accommodation in private households for many users.

  • - Spend the night with locals and take in people from all over the world yourself
  • Airbnb (35 € free with registration) - rent your own four walls as holiday accommodation
  • House Carers - guard the house of strangers or let strangers take care of your house
  • Mind my house - Here we take care of houses including pets

However, is a platform through which private individuals offer travelers their private rooms as travel accommodation. This means that accommodation is already possible free of charge - provided you appreciate living in a private household. This can even prove to be an advantage, because it makes it easier to get to know people and the region.

The Airbnb portal is also known for this (here with a € 35 discount voucher for your first booking), on which private rooms and entire accommodations are offered. The nice thing about the platforms is that you can benefit from the experiences of other users who rate their landlords after the trip. Many users also leave a few nice words about the accommodation and the landlord so that you can get a first impression of whether the location is what you are looking for.

Another variant is that House sitting. With this type of travel, vacationers find their accommodation in private houses. Are the Owner of luxury villas and other residential properties out of town, then the travelers take care of the accommodation. You can choose to take care of the house, the pets or the plants and in return receive free accommodation for the travel time agreed in advance. Travelers can apply as house sitters via platforms such as House Carers or Mind my House. Memberships with these providers are usually chargeable.


With a few tricks it is easily possible to reduce the travel price significantly. Some of the savings options can even be combined, whereby a particularly high saving can be achieved. This is especially possible if the trip is planned outside the main season. In this case, hotel rooms are available much cheaper anyway. If you then compare the prices and still carry out negotiations, you can save a lot of costs without much effort. Significantly more savings are due to one high flexibility with blind booking possible. But also the possibility of Rebooking as Travel clubs promise high savings, so it can be worthwhile to take a closer look at the offers.