Can someone become a successful YouTuber


How do I become a YouTuber?

Also known as video blogger, vlogger, become youtubers, become youtubers tips

Being a full-time YouTuber is more work than you might initially think. Depending on the genre in which you move with your videos, the length and scope of work for your recordings vary. For example, a well-cut and successful comedy video takes several hours of sound, editing and visual work. In any case, you have to have a passion for this job in order to be successful. The quality of your videos depends on the patience and fun you have at work. With 100,000 subscribers, you earn enough money on average to make a living from your videos. Most YouTubers start shooting videos as amateurs as a hobby. As the number of clicks increases, so does professionalism, which in turn leads to more hits. In order to get known in this job, it is up to you to constantly develop your videos, implement new ideas and give the feedback from your fan base on YouTube a high priority.


Important school subjects

German, English, art

Important skills as a YouTuber

The profession of YouTuber is often underestimated, especially by older people. Because behind a video of a few minutes there is often hours of work - from the script to the selection of the right music. On the technical side, video production requires a lot of know-how from you in dealing with editing and photo editing software. Ideally, you are characterized by a network affinity and experience in dealing with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and the like.

If you want to reach a lot of fans with your work, you need creative and authentic clips. Only when you notice that you are having fun yourself and are enthusiastic about it, you will increase your popularity and become one of the best or even a star.

It will help you in your YouTube career if you are good at organizing and time management. Colleagues who are already successful also recommend staying power and self-confident demeanor.

Important hard skills

Video editing and film editingSpecial software skillsSocial Media Literacy

Important soft skills

Online affinityCreativityAuthenticitySelf-consciousnessOrganizational skillsIndependenceSelf-marketingDesistanceDeadiness for actionEnthusiasm

How do I become a YouTuber?

To become a YouTuber, you don't have to complete any special training. Most of the channels on the platform start much more as a hobby and comparatively unprofessional. So the usual way is independent of your school or university education and it depends more on your individual skills and knowledge.

No matter what genre you are in on YouTube (beauty, music, sport, comedy, ...) - you have to deal intensively with video production from scripts to filming and editing. It can be very helpful here if you attend courses or workshops. For starters, this is also possible online, for example with the help of tutorials. At the same time, such training courses offer you a good opportunity to professionalize your channel.

You should never lose sight of the topic of specialization, because many of the existing YouTube stars claim a special division. However, this is about your individual career and your personal development, for which you can get tips, but which ultimately only you have in your own hands.

  • generally no special study required
  • Study course "Social Media TV" at the Macromedia University in Cologne
  • Studies in media and communication helpful
  • Specialized studies to blog on specific topics (rather seldom)

Advanced training and specializations

  • Professionalization possible through courses and workshops
  • Tutorial videos and tips on the internet
  • personal development

Future prospects as a YouTuber

Once you have a successful channel on YouTube, attending events and advertising on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and the like is a very important step. The main goal is to increase your number of subscribers and your brand awareness. You will come closer to this goal, especially through cooperation with other channels and advertising partners. YouTubers are currently experiencing a real boom, and many articles are now appearing about them even in traditional print media. The field is still comparatively new and seems to have good prospects, at least for the near future, but the competition for spectators is getting tougher. In the gaming sector in particular, there is now a very high number of video makers. Some of the best YouTubers therefore band together to create common features. Some are contracted directly to larger YouTube agencies. This job thrives on innovation and new ideas. Your options are therefore very diverse, so that you can turn your own visions into reality through videos and inspire people with them.