Performs HP repairs on laptops

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No matter how hard you try, sooner or later your mobile PC will have "experiences" with falls, liquid misfortunes and worse. However, it is not advisable to immediately sprint to the PC repair service or the manufacturer with every laptop ailment. Because many notebook problems can be solved much more cost-effectively and time-saving. And do it yourself. Everything you need for this: a few everyday tools, spare parts and a little hard work. Some of these repairs aren't much harder to tackle than a 7th grade art project. However, there are now various modern laptops and notebooks that are not only difficult to repair yourself, but also cannot be opened by yourself in the first place. If you don't see any screws, it could be an indication that you are going to fail on this project.

Using the example of a few old mobile PCs, we will show you six popular laptop problems that you can fix yourself with simple means - from broken housings to battered power adapters to scratched displays. Of course, we will also tell you which materials you need and what budget you should plan. Be warned, however: your system will almost certainly be different from what is shown, may require special replacement parts, or even require an entirely different approach to repair. Therefore: YouTube is your friend.

You should also do research when it comes to the right spare parts: especially for power adapters or fans. These may look relatively similar - but they can show significant differences in operation. So use eBay, Amazon and other online shops to find the right spare parts.

Worn cables on the laptop power adapter

  • Costs: around 5 to 15 euros

  • Time required: 1 to 2 hours

  • Material: Silicone sealant, crepe tape, protective gloves (optional)

Because a laptop or notebook that goes on many business trips also has to be regularly plugged in and unplugged, it is only natural that the power adapter and cable will suffer over time. If you discover damage to the power supply unit or the cables of your notebook, we recommend that you repair them quickly. After all, this can not only damage the battery of the mobile computer, but also cause the device to go up in flames.

Fortunately, many power supplies now have detachable or replaceable cables that you can get either online or in any electronics store for more or less little money. If the power supply itself is the cause of the notebook problems, however, it can quickly become expensive: depending on the power supply and manufacturer, a new replacement can cost between 20 and 75 euros.

Or you can simply repair it yourself. There are several options available to you. If it has to be done very quickly, fix the defective cable with a bit of electrical tape or duct tape. First of all, this prevents further damage. However, this method is not a permanent solution: the tape will come off over time and the cable will become a consistently "sticky affair".

The better way to make damaged cables operational again is to use silicone sealants. You can get this in every hardware store and now also in some supermarkets. The silicone compound reliably seals the damaged area and thus protects it permanently. Those who value optics use black silicone.

Now to the procedure: First you should cover your work area with some painter's tape - or crepe tape. The crepe tape can be easily removed from any surface without leaving any residue, while the silicone mass does not stick to the top made of crepe. Now put a drop of silicone on the damaged area on the cable and distribute it there. If you have sensitive skin, you should use protective gloves. Let the silicone harden for about an hour or two. The result should be a cable that, thanks to repairs, can be used again for years - and at the same time as flexible as if it were new.

Cracks in the notebook case

  • Costs: around 10 to 25 euros

  • Time required: 2 to 3 hours

  • Material: Epoxy putty / repair compound, sandpaper, razor blades, felt or touch-up pen, protective gloves (optional)

If a jam bread falls, it usually falls on the topping side. If a laptop falls, it usually hits the weakest parts of the case: the edges. If you do not have a specially reinforced ruggedized notebook, the chances are not bad that your mobile computer will have damaged or completely broken case corners after an encounter with gravity.

The secret of this repair: epoxy. You can get the repair material online or in any hardware store - you can also carry out this kind of laptop repair on the go at any time. Which brand you choose does not matter - you should only keep your hands off of materials that harden too quickly. There could be inflexible moments if the hardening process is too fast.

How to proceed: First of all, the damaged area should be clean and free of grease. Now it's time to prepare the repair compound. This consists of two components that react chemically with each other, which leads to the hardening of the material. It is therefore important that the components are mixed as well as possible. At this point, the use of protective gloves is also recommended if your skin does not react well to chemicals. As soon as the mass has a uniform color and feels like modeling clay, it is ready for use. Now press the compound onto the appropriate point and restore the original shape of the housing with the help of the razor blades (or a knife). Make sure that the compound is pressed correctly and that no holes or leaks are left behind. You can easily remove excess material with a piece of cloth as long as it has not hardened. Now wait about one to two hours for the hardening to complete. The patchwork should now feel at least as stable as the original plastic case.

If you are not a fan of visible patchwork, now the fine-tuning follows - in the truest sense of the word. With 150 to 220 grit sandpaper, first ensure that the treated area is smooth. Wet sandpaper (2000 grit) is recommended for a scratch-free finish. Now all you have to do is worry about the color difference. A felt pen or touch-up pen is recommended for this, depending on the color of the housing and the size of the repaired area. Paints from model making are also well suited to make repairs to the case of laptops and notebooks forgotten.