How successful are billboards in advertising

The advantages the digital Outdoor advertising on LED Billboards

The LED walls as advertising space have gained in popularity and ensure successful outdoor advertising at the cutting edge. The great success can be achieved through the Advantages of LED billboards to explain:

Always brilliant images that inspire

Unlike billboard advertising, our LED billboards automatically by means of Light sensors on the Adapted to weather and light conditions. This means that your digital advertising is always clearly recognizable and displayed in perfect colors from early in the morning until late at night. The Color brilliance is another advantage of LED advertising: through the Pixel structure RGB can on the LED walls from advertising friends up to 16.7 million colors being represented. With this riot of color, the looks of passers-by are almost magically drawn.

High-frequency locations in Salzburg and Upper Austria

The success of advertising on LED billboards also depends on the Frequency of the location from. That is why the advertising fan offers LED advertising15 selected locations in Salzburg and Upper Austria. Before setting up new LED boards, our team intensively analyzes the frequency of the potential location. Also the location A video wall is critical to success because only one high visibility ensures the attention and reception of advertising. We only decide to build it when a maximum number of passers-by and the ideal visibility is achieved. With this strategy, advertising fans can now offer their customers LED outdoor advertising at highly frequented locations in Upper Austria and Salzburg.

Flexible outdoor advertising

Many of our customers use LED billboards to communicate campaigns and events or to search for staff. Here are flexibility and quick change options an important criterion for successful advertising. Subjects or information on a subject can be changed / changed easily and quickly on our LED walls. These dynamics corresponds to digital advertising in the 21st century and ensures the long-term success of LED campaigns.

Eliminates high production costs

Anyone who has already carried out a campaign using print ads and poster advertising knows the horrendously high advertising costs for these measures. With LED billboards omitted the high Printing costs and the placement costs are also significantly lower than the costs for print advertisements.

Support with advertisements

The Werbefreund, in cooperation with partner agencies, also offers the Creation more appealing Subjects and Show for advertising LED billboards. We ensure an advertising presence that catches the eye and inspires quickly and at a reasonable cost!

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