Which health insurance is best for you

Which health insurance is right for me? Pay attention to contributions and benefits

It is difficult to give a general answer to which of the more than 100 statutory health insurance companies fits your personal needs. For one, stand some health insurances only in certain regions or employees of individual companies. On the other hand, the registers differ both with regard to the amount of the contribution as well as the scope of benefits. Before changing health insurance providers, it is important for those with statutory health insurance to find out more about the providers. Equal two health insurance tests help with the first overview and with answering the question: Which health insurance is right for me?

Service: With the health insurance comparison calculator, you can quickly and easily find a health insurance company that meets your needs.

Which health insurance is right for me?

Insured persons who want to find out by means of tests which health insurance company suits them should bear in mind that in most cases not just a part of the provider checked becomes. The German Society for Consumer Studies (DtGV), for example, only has 20 large and nationwide open health insurance companies considered. The eleven general local health insurance funds (AOK), in which around a third of the population is insured, were not tested because they are only available regionally.

The investigation itself was devoted to that Scope of services of the cash registers, contributions and bonuses as well as transparency, convenience and customer service. The IKK classic prevailed as the test winner. Together with nine other health insurance companies, it achieved the overall rating “good”. The remaining ten providers in the test were rated “satisfactory”.

The five best health insurance companies

  1. IKK classic
  2. The technicians
  3. BIG direct healthy
  4. hkk
  5. HEK

Although the IKK classic performed best in the overall ranking, other funds were convincing in the sub-areas. For example, the HEK took first place in the range of serviceswhile the hkk came out on top in the premiums and contributions category.

Focus-Money examines the financial strength of health insurance companies

In cooperation with the German Financial Service Institute, Focus-Money has examined the financial stability of health insurance companies. Only funds that have sufficient reserves and are financially well positioned overall, can avoid high premium increases. Participation in the investigation was voluntary for the health insurers. 48 providers put themselves to the test.

In the Focus-Money test, several cash registers prevailed as test winners: AOK Plus, BKK Faber-Castell & Partner, BKK firmus, BKK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg, BKK Voralb, BKK Würth, HEK, hkk, IKK healthy plus and Techniker Krankenkasse receive an excellent rating. Another seven health insurance companies are very good.

Tip: The different test results show that interested parties should compare different health insurance companies with one another in order to find a health insurance company that suits them.