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Bollywood stars fight against Corona

Corona numbers are exploding in many cities and villages in the country. For the past week, the Johns Hopkins Resource Center reports a high of 2.6 million new infections and more than 23,000 deaths. On this Sunday (May 2nd) 392,000 new infections were reported, 10,000 fewer than the day before. On this day alone, according to official information, 3,700 people died of the virus disease. In total, there are more than 200,000 corona deaths in India.

The government in New Delhi under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come under massive criticism for its mismanagement in dealing with the pandemic; religious festivals were even allowed to take place with innumerable participants.

In New Delhi in particular, tens of thousands have no access to the health system. Many people died because there weren't enough ventilators for them. Some Bollywood stars want to alleviate the suffering of their compatriots and support those in need financially or distribute medical equipment and food.

Actors on the front line

Sonu Sood has been helping since the first wave of the corona pandemic hit India. In 2020, thousands of workers who had come to metropolitan areas looking for jobs were stranded there. The Bollywood actor helped them get back home when the government imposed a tough lockdown on the whole country - and only announced it a few hours beforehand.

This year, Sood launched a free Corona aid station with two privately run medical organizations. He communicates regularly on Twitter with his followers, many of whom ask him for help directly. "Sir, please save my grandfather's life," someone wrote. "He urgently needs an oxygen device!" And Sonu Sood helped quickly and unbureaucratically: "Nothing will happen to your grandfather. Oxygen is coming. Wish him a speedy recovery!"

Priyanka Chopra, who is extremely popular in India and now lives and works in Los Angeles, has set up a fundraising platform with her husband Nick Jonas under the hashtag #TogetherForIndia. She made the public appeal for donations on Twitter and Instagram: "My homeland India is suffering from the worst corona crisis in the world," she wrote, "we all have to help. The death rate is breaking all records. The disease is raging everywhere and is spreading ever further , there will be many more deaths. "

Help on site

Bollywood mime Ajay Devgn is also helping on the front line: He has teamed up with the Mumbai City Council to provide medical help to residents suffering from Corona. The actor is working with the city hospital to build an intensive care unit.

Gurmeet Choudhary finances two hospitals, each with 1,000 beds, in Patna in the east of India and in Lucknow in the north of the country. The actor has put together a team to fight Corona and answer queries from people trying to reach him. "I need your best wishes," he tweeted.

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar donated 100 ventilators for patients in Mumbai. The 53-year-old has more than 40 million followers on Twitter, and many have asked him for help.

Superstar Salman Khan founded the charitable foundation "Being Human" back in 2007, which aims to provide education and medical care to the poor. He also started the "Being Haangryy" initiative, which has been sending trucks full of food to police officers and health workers fighting the pandemic since last year. According to the Indian magazine "Filmfare", Khan regularly visits the distribution points, checks the quality of the food and compliance with hygienic regulations.

Censorship on social media

Not all Bollywood stars are as committed during the pandemic. Many have been criticized for this on social media. Newspapers and tabloids publish photos of celebrity actresses and actors enjoying their vacation on the beach. That annoyed the fans, who had hoped for more engagement from their screen idols.

Actress Kareena Kapoor takes part in a concert, the financial proceeds of which are to be used for the fight against Corona. On Twitter, she urged her compatriots not to be so careless about the mask requirement. There was immediate criticism - but because of her brother Ranbir Kapoor, also an actor, who had posted photos of himself and his girlfriend in the Maldives.

Most recently, social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, came into focus after the government banned around 50 Twitter accounts criticizing their handling of the pandemic; reported the Indian online newspaper "The Print". Among the blocked posts were some from opposition politicians, journalists and directors. Apparently Facebook also blocked some posts with the hashtag #ResignModi (Modi should resign); According to the platform, the hashtag should have violated the standards of the website, reported the online news portal "The Quint".

The Indian Supreme Court has now spoken out. Those who block user complaints about the pandemic on social media are disregarding the court - according to Indian law, this is a serious offense. D.Y. Chandrachud from the Supreme Court emphasized to the daily newspaper "The Indian Express": "We make it clear once and for all that it cannot be misinformation when citizens post their complaints on social media or on the Internet."

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