What is the most masculine name and why

Male first names: From A for Anton to Z for Zacharias

"When is a man a man?" Asked Herbert Grönemeyer in his 1984 hit 'Männer'. And even if the answers to this question are very different for a lot of people, one thing definitely makes a man "masculine": his first name.

For parents-to-be, it is often important that the name that the offspring is to be given says something. While girls' names are still supposed to sound beautiful today, many consider a boy's name to sound masculine. It should express strength, size and courage.

Alexander the Great and Co.

When searching for exactly such a "male first name" one can, quite clearly, orientate oneself on the story: Alexander the Great or August the Strong are just two examples in which the name is combined with a "male" attribute. But men like Otto von Bismarck, Richard Wagner or Kurt Tucholsky can also be inspiration when looking for a name. All of them have achieved great things in their own way.

If you don't want to scroll through the history books in search of a male first name, you can also look around recently. Actors, singers, authors, politicians, all of them can inspire you when looking for a suitable and masculine first name.

From classic to modern

To make it easier for you to search for a name, we have selected the 120 most beautiful and masculine first names from A to Z. The mix ranges from classic to trendy, from totally popular to seldom. Just click your way through.

And one more tip: Write down all the names that you like. Equipped with the list, you can sit down with your partner and find a suitable name. If you can't agree, everyone can choose three male first names that they particularly like. With a bit of luck you will have a match. And if not, maybe you can agree on two first names? Or you can just use the name that goes best with your last name.

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