How can I speak to God

How to Talk to God

God is everywhere, but if we do not see and feel Him in our hearts, we will not be able to see Him anywhere. First we need to see Him within and speak to Him in our hearts. Only then will we be able to know God and speak to God.

Sri Chinmoy: We live in ignorance. This is why we believe that God is somewhere else. However, when we dive deep within and realize the highest within ourselves, we will see that our own consciousness is one with God's consciousness. At the moment an ordinary person will not dare to claim that he and God are one, since each knows about the smallness and limitation of his consciousness. Yet when Christ said, “I and my Father are one,” he was fully aware of the fact that his consciousness and God's consciousness were completely one.
If we consciously embody the Supreme and want to fulfill and manifest it in every moment of our earthly existence, we must shed soulful tears. When a child cries, the mother rushes over immediately. In the same way, our Eternal Father also rushes to enlighten us and to carry us to the golden shore of the hereafter when we call out to him from the bottom of our hearts.

The voice of the truth
will only speak to us
when our heart
to a holy chalice
of receptivity becomes.

How can I learn to speak to God?

Sri Chinmoy: God is ready to speak to you, but you ignore Him because you are so in love with the sound of your own voice. When you can begin to sense that you have heard the sound of your voice a million times and that you now want to hear a much more meaningful and fruitful voice, then you will hear God's voice very clearly.
But there is a big difference between listening and listening. You can hear the divine in me now, but maybe you are not listening to Him. Maybe you don't apply what you've heard in your everyday life either. When you hear what someone is saying, it may not matter to you for even a second. But if you really listen, then the words will be imprinted in your heart, in your aspiring being. So this divine message will manifest itself spontaneously in your internal and external activities. If you want to learn to talk to God, you have to allow God to talk to you and stop talking to yourself all the time. If God then speaks to you, you have to listen and apply God's divine message in your everyday life.

God is listening. Speak quiet.
God is listening. Speak with dedication.
Believe me, God can and will
the longing of your heart
don't miss it.
His compassion perfection
already has the very first
weak reputation of your oneness heart
God is listening.
Just speak softly and with dedication.

What do you mean by meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: Meditation is the language of God. If we want to recognize God's will in our lives, if we want God to guide us, form us and fulfill Himself in and through us, then meditation is the language we have to use.
Meditation is not just about sitting still for five or ten minutes. It takes a conscious effort. The mind must be made calm and still. At the same time, however, he must also be vigilant to keep distracting thoughts and desires away. If we can make the mind calm and still, we will feel a new creation awakening within us. When the mind is calm and thoughtless and your entire existence becomes an empty vessel, then God will fill it with peace, light and bliss.

Only if you have your mind
can silence
and ask your heart
to speak to God
are you going in the right direction.

When we think we are trying to meditate, meditation seems complicated. True meditation, however, is not done by us; it is accomplished by our Inner Guide, the Supreme, who is always meditating in and through us. We are just the vessel and we allow Him to fill us with all of His consciousness. We begin with our own effort, but once we go deep within we realize that it is not our own effort that allows us to meditate. It is the Supreme who meditates in and through us with our conscious awareness and consent.

How can you learn to meditate?

Sri Chinmoy: Every person's soul has its own way of meditating. My way of meditating will not suit you and vice versa. If you do not have a spiritual master who can guide you, you have to dive deep within and draw your meditation from the depths of your heart.
On the other hand, if you have a teacher who is a realized soul, his silent gaze will teach you to meditate. There is no need for a master to externally explain how to meditate or teach you a particular meditation technique. He will just meditate on you and internally show you how to meditate. Your soul will enter his soul and learn from his soul.

What is the ultimate goal of meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: The ultimate goal of meditation is to establish our conscious union with God. We are all children of God, but right now we are not consciously one with God. Someone may believe in God, but that belief may not be reality in their life. He only believes in God because some saint, yogi, or spiritual teacher said there was a God, or because he read about God in spiritual books. But when we practice meditation, the day comes when we develop conscious oneness with God.

To communicate with God
man owns his
silent meditation.
To communicate with people
God owns His
urgent peace.

What is the difference between prayer and meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: When we pray, we speak and God listens. When we meditate, we listen and God speaks. When we pray we feel that we are ascending to God. When we meditate, we try to become calm and still to allow the descent of peace, light and bliss.
Our prayer is often accompanied by a faint longing for something. We like to call it a spiritual pursuit as we pray for something good, divine. But there is always the feeling of being a “divine beggar”. In meditation, however, we do not ask God for anything. We are simply stepping into the sea of ​​His Reality. Then God gives us more than we could ever imagine.
In prayer we feel that we have nothing ourselves, while God owns everything. In meditation we know that whatever God has, we either have ourselves or one day we will have it. We feel that we are whatever God is, even if we have not yet revealed our divinity. When we pray, we ask God for what we want. But when we meditate, God showered us with everything we need. We recognize and feel that the entire universe is available to us. Heaven and earth do not belong to anyone else; they are our own reality.

Why should we pray at all when the Supreme knows all of our needs anyway?

Sri Chinmoy: When you get something through prayer, it only increases its value in your life. You can proclaim to all the world: “I have prayed for this; that's why I got it. ”A child is hungry and says to its mother:“ I am hungry. ”Then the mother gives the child its food and the child can say to everyone:“ See how closely I am connected to my mother. “Surely the mother would have given the child his food on her own initiative. But the fact that he asks his mother and she hears his request brings joy to the child. It gives him the certainty that his mother is there for him at all times. Because of his inner connection and closeness to his mother, the child can ask her for help.
God sees everything, but if we ask something and then He gives it to us, it is also our merit. However, in this case we are separate from Him. We have the feeling that God is somewhere different from ourselves. That He is in us does not even occur to us. We do not remain in our highest consciousness where we feel that we and God are one. When we feel that we and God are one, the question of prayer does not arise because our needs are His needs.
As long as we feel that we are separated from God and feel that we have to ask Him for what we need, our prayer gives us joy. We think, “Just because I prayed, God gave me what I wanted. Therefore I am worthy of His compassion. ”He would have done it unconditionally, but it would not have given us the same satisfaction.
If someone makes a lot of effort during a race and it comes to the end, they'll be really happy when I give them a trophy afterwards. He has overcome great obstacles and difficulties and therefore feels that he truly deserves this award. Now of course I can give you the trophy even if you haven't finished the race, because the trophy is there. But you will feel no satisfaction in doing so, since you have not achieved anything. God can give you anything unconditionally, but you will not be happy with it, while whoever tries hard and uses all of their abilities really deserves the award. In this example the cup is the hearing of our prayer. If someone gets something after praying and meditating beforehand, they will feel more satisfied than if God had given it to them unconditionally.
Prayer strengthens our intimacy with the Supreme. Meditation increases our oneness with the Supreme. If we pray for a few minutes before our meditation, we will establish a trusting connection with the Supreme. And when we start meditating afterward, we build our oneness reality with the Supreme. How can we become one without first becoming familiar? First we must feel that we and God are close friends; only then can we recognize and realize our reality of oneness with God.

God hears
the heartfelt prayers of a seeker
not just with
greatest willingness,
but also with
instant oneness.

Can we answer our personal questions with our meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: Any question you have can be answered during or at the end of your meditation. When you go deep inside, you inevitably get an answer. But please try to find out whether it comes from the soul, from the heart or from the mind. If it comes from the heart or from the soul, you will feel relieved and feel at peace. You will see that the answer is not followed by conflicting thoughts. However, if it does not come from the heart or from the soul, the mind will speak up and try to refute the idea or answer you have received.

God only answers my prayers
when he sees
that I got his answer
will not abuse it.

What should a spiritual seeker always remember?

Sri Chinmoy: A spiritual seeker should always remember that he is from God and exists for God. At the moment he may only be a budding seeker, a beginner; therefore God cannot or does not have to be a living reality for him all the time. Sometimes the aspiring seeker will only be able to imagine God. Sometimes he will not be able to feel the presence of God in him despite all his efforts, and sometimes he may even forget that God exists in the first place.
But he has to be aware that he has an origin, and that origin is light, limitless light, infinite light. For years he indulged in the pleasures of ignorance. But he must understand that his source is not ignorance, but light and bliss. He lives for his origin and consciously strives to return to it. On this way home he manifests God's bliss here on earth. Even now he is still to some extent stuck in ignorance, but he is always there for God's life and light. If he can keep this in mind, he will have a constant sense of fulfillment in his life. He will feel light in his outer and inner life - more light, abundant light, infinite light.

How can we increase our need for God?

Sri Chinmoy: It's very simple. Start by lessening your personal needs. The more you can reduce your personal needs, the faster your need for God will increase. When you have ten wishes, reduce them to nine or eight, and some time later to seven. You will quickly notice that this alone increases your love for God and your need for God.
Sometimes we also deceive ourselves by fooling ourselves that we don't need anything from the world while the world needs us. That feeling is just as bad. If we try to meet the needs of the world, we will quickly find that this is simply impossible. Today the world has this need and tomorrow that - its chain of needs will never break!
The world doesn't need us and we don't need the world as such either. But we need the Supreme in the world. You need the Supreme in your father, in your mother, in your relatives and in humanity. But if you feel you need people as such, that's ridiculous. You will not get what you need from humanity. To return to your question, your need for God will immediately increase as your need to grant your desires decreases. Every time you can let go of a wish, you will find that the power of your love and your need for God increase.