How do I hang up my shirts

Hanging up t-shirts: the best tips and tricks

Everyone knows it: after washing, T-shirts come out of the laundry wrinkled and even after drying, this condition has hardly changed. A few little tricks can help to save you the time-consuming ironing of T-shirts. We'll show you how to hang up T-shirts correctly.

Hanging up T-shirts after washing: what to keep in mind

It is best to dry your t-shirts after washing them when they are hung in the fresh air. If you have this option, use it instead of using electricity unnecessarily with a dryer. Before hanging the T-shirts, shake them vigorously to avoid overlapping layers of fabric that could cause wrinkles. Then make sure that you hang your shirts at the lower waistband, i.e. upside down. So there are no creases, no unsightly marks in the shoulder area and the sleeves can also dry optimally.

Use clothespins to fix the hem in place where it is not so noticeable. A seam, for example, is suitable, but the marks left by the clothespins cannot be completely avoided. If that bothers you, you can iron your t-shirt after it dries. That depends of course on the materials of your shirt - a men's T-shirt with elastane is flexible and does not wrinkle easily. You can save yourself ironing here.

Another way to avoid the marks left by the clips is to hang your T-shirts over hangers to dry. This trick does not only apply to shirts and dresses, long T-shirts for men can also be dried without wrinkles.

To hang your t-shirts properly, do the following:

  1. Shake out the laundry
  2. Leave enough space for the other items of clothing
  3. Hang upside down at the hem with clothespins, fix near a seam
  4. or hang on a hanger
  5. Iron if necessary after removing

Hanging t-shirts in the closet: does it make sense?

You can also hang your T-shirts on a hanger in your closet. This creates order, prevents creases and at the same time makes less work than folding the shirts. At the same time, you can create such a simple system for yourself: Sort your T-shirts by color, regular or slim fit, or by V or round neckline. There are no limits to your creativity. You keep track of things and save time when you put things away.

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