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Luxury Management degree

What is luxury? How do you create a luxury product and how do you make everyone want this one part? Well, strong brands that want to sell extremely high quality and expensive products need professionals to support them. In the Luxury Brand Management course you will learn how Gucci, Rolex, Porsche and Co. have managed to build a very specific image and make their goods desirable among their target group.

Management - that's already in the name of the course. And that reveals: Business administration plays a major role here! So that you can get an impression of possible content, we have collected typical topics here:

  • Corporate governance
  • Fashion management
  • Design management
  • marketing
  • distribution
  • Production and location policy
  • Consumer behavior
  • Media planning

Note that this is only an excerpt from possible course content. Each university designs its fashion management studies a little differently. You can find the specific modules in the curricula of the universities.

Suitable universities for luxury management

The following conditions must be met for admission to the master’s degree:

  • Completed first degree (Bachelor or equivalent) with at least 180 or 210 ECTS
  • of which at least 30 ECTS must have been acquired in the field of economics
  • Passing the admission procedure

Since the Master Luxury Management is offered by private universities, you can assume that - provided you meet the formal requirements - you will be invited to a multi-stage admissions process. You have to prove your skills and motivation in written tests and an oral interview. Such admission procedures run differently at all universities.

More about application procedures for fashion courses

personal requirements

No, you don't have to belong to high society to study Luxury Management. Interest in high fashion, luxury and lifestyle are simply part of it. Because it is precisely in this area that you have the best chances with a degree. Furthermore, one should not shy away from math and statistics, because it is a business degree.

  • Duration: 3 semesters
  • Graduation: Master of Arts (M.A.)
  • Language: partly completely English or with a high proportion of English-language lessons
  • Practical experience: Internship (12 weeks or similar) and company project

Did you know that...

... every year fashion houses have to apply for membership in the Paris "Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture" so that they can call their fashion haute couture?

... the most expensive bag in the world is the "Tribute Patchwork Bag"? It was designed by Louis Vuitton and costs just under $ 42,000.

... the designer Michael Kors designed his mother's wedding dress at the age of 5?

Unfortunately, there is only a small range of courses in Luxury Management and the courses can mainly be studied full-time. If you want to study part-time or on a dual course, you should take advantage of general fashion management courses. There are a large number of these and, after successfully completing them, also enable you to enter the profession of luxury manager.

Career after studying luxury management

With a master’s degree in Luxury Management or Luxury Brand Management, you have broad business skills, which will make your path to management positions easier. The fashion industry in particular offers exciting jobs, be it at fashion manufacturers, fashion labels or companies for lifestyle products such as accessories and jewelry. However, there is also luxury outside of fashion, so companies in the automotive, hotel or technology sectors can also be considered as employers.

You can here in the areas

  • Product management,
  • Fire management,
  • Marketing management,
  • Business consulting or
  • Sales

just to give you a few examples.

Get to know other professions in the fashion industry. In our Professional world section we introduce you to numerous professions that you can do after studying fashion.

Professions with fashion

Whoever manages luxury must also earn luxury? Not quite. But the chances of not earning badly are definitely there. Because companies that sell expensive items are usually either large or highly specialized and can generate high sales, especially if they have little competition. The actual salary naturally depends on the position you have within a company. Those who are motivated will certainly be able to negotiate salaries of 4,000 - 5,000 euros per month (gross) soon after the end of their studies. With a few years of professional experience and the right job, it quickly becomes even more.

So that you can get an impression of the salaries of managerial professions related to luxury and fashion, we have researched numbers for you:

Job:Gender, Age:Company size:Monthly salary (gross):
Director of Sales Luxury Hotelsw, 44 yearslarge4.362 €
Store manager luxuryw, 44 yearslarge3.731 €
Fashion Expert / Online Marketingw, 19 yearssmall1.682 €
Textile buyerw, 29 yearssmall4.336 €
Product manager textilew, 32 yearsmedium4.573 €
Product manager fashionw, 26 yearssmall1.901 €
Sales Manager International in Fashionm, 27 yearssmall3.255 €
Sales advisor textilew, 51 yearsmedium2.724 €
Fashion consultantw, 49 yearsmedium1.627 €
Retail clerk fashionw, 30 yearslarge2.391 €
Branch manager fashionw, 46 yearsmedium3.906 €

Source: Salary.de
Company size: 1-20 employees = small | 21-100 employees = medium | 101-1,000 employees = large | > 1,000 employees = very large

Please note that these are only examples. There are always deviations upwards and downwards.

More salaries?

In our big salary article we explain to you what you can earn in the fashion industry and, above all, what the specific salary level can depend on.

Salary in the fashion industry

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