How do I get more diamonds

Tip request: How do you get more than 1,000 diamonds - without buying them - of course ???

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    I've read several times that people have a) amounts of money and b) amounts of diamonds. Somewhere I read the following:

    I have over 1000 diamonds ... (number of me used)

    and then a lot of other users ask themselves "... how on earth is this feasible and whether there are others who have this amount ...

    Since many are sure to ask this question (and I'm also very interested in the answer) here is the big tip request how do you get more than 1000 (less do it too) without buying them? You can't find that many treasure chests and in the mine there is at most one diamond. So you would have to find about 500 treasure chests always only with diamonds, nothing should be put into the production ... HOW DOES IT WORK ??????

  • "Online or not online, that is the question"

    I actually only have one idea ad hoc that I cannot recommend at all: there was a hack somewhere.
    However, I don't want to portray anyone as a hacker ...

    Cacao Island - The cocoa dealer in your area !!

  • Crazy like everyone here !!!

    Always thought that there are no hacks in online games!?

    PS .: Thank you for opening the topic.

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    So right now I'm making 15-20 + diamonds a day!
    Of these 6 via the cinema ticket, 5-10 via the treasure chest and the rest via the mine (every 6 digs 1er)
    Then the successes and level ups, ... you get 100 days of playing time of 2 hours and then I think it fits!

    So that's realistic even if I can't imagine it. Personally, I prefer to use Tom and expand my production machines "free of charge". Personally, I would never blast 1500 to get 1 machine to 3 stars, which you get anyway over time.

    In the case of the gold, I recently recommended someone (he owns 4,000 diamonds) to invest 2,500 in gold vouchers.
    I have the feeling they're not coming anymore

    But regardless of whether someone collects slides or pays for them. It is important that we all enjoy it!

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    Ethan ... how long will that cinema ticket be there?

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    But regardless of whether someone collects slides or pays for them. It is important that we all enjoy it!

    Yes, that is indeed true.
    But there is the very deliberate problem that you quickly end up in the wrong place when harvesting, and whoops a diamond is balled up to accelerate this extremely slow-growing wheat, my daughter also liked to open a box with diamonds (thanks to the Tips with closing, unless there are diamonds in it, this risk is now somewhat minimized). So far I have used diamonds sensibly for the production expansion and nonsensically for treasure chests and accelerated harvests (especially wheat)
    Some beautiful farm embellishments are only possible with diamonds ...
    And yes, the cinema tickets finally bring you a few more diamonds, but only since the latest update
    and unfortunately I don't find the slides in the treasure chests that often .....

  • Crazy like everyone here !!!

    I also have the problem with pressing it quickly. Unfortunately !!

    I've never had the cinema ticket, and the boxes almost always contain other stuff.

    I've been doing the whole thing for a while, but never manage these numbers in my life.

    That's why I'm always happy when I have 20-30 pieces !!

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    Ethan ... how long will that cinema ticket be there?

    Last time I had it until the next update. Then it was gone and back since the update ... but now I hadn't had it again for 1 day and today in the standard rhythm every 6 hours!

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    Maro.k where did I say that I didn't invest any money?

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