Can I wear sweatpants

The big Schlabber etiquetteCan I wear sweatpants?wear at work?

“Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of their life.” Karl Lagerfeld

Really? Yet it is the Germans' favorite sofa fashion. We spend around three hours a day in our comfortable baggy trousers, according to a survey ( Tomorrow she even has her own holiday - International Sweatpants Day.

BILD is celebrating and answering seven questions about sweatpants.

Are sweatpants actually healthy?

And how! Especially because they sit loosely and don't restrict us.

General Practitioner Dr. Thomas Kurscheid (51): “Normal trousers like jeans press on the bowels and cause digestive problems. In addition, it can lead to circulatory disorders when sitting if the trousers cut into the hips and thighs. ”With jogging trousers you do not have this problem.

Which pants shape suits which figure?

In general, everyone can wear jogging pants. Style expert Sonja Grau (55): "If you are not very tall, you should wear jogging pants with cuffs and tight legs."

Can I wear sweatpants at work?

Etiquette expert Nandine Meyden (49): “At home, classic sweatpants are perfectly fine. However, you should only wear them at work if you are a fitness trainer, sports teacher or physiotherapist. In other professions - not! General rule of thumb: Dress as you would expect others to do in your job. ”After all, you don't want to give your money to a sloppy-looking banker.

The situation is different with current models, which even many well-known designers have in their range. They are cut narrower and mostly made of fine materials such as silk, leather or cashmere. They are absolutely suitable for work and everyday use!

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How do I combine the sweatpants correctly?

Women best wear high heels and tight tops or blazers with jogging trousers - that steals the baggy look of the trousers and makes them chic to go out too. Even the gray cotton model works.

Designer Ivan Mandzukic from the Ivanman label: “Men are best to wear a top that covers their best piece. Because nothing should be visible in the pants. ”And that is best combined with sneakers, an open shirt and jacket.

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Is there an age limit for sweatpants?

Sonja Grau (55): "If it's an elegant model with creases and pockets, you can wear the modern sweatpants well into old age." The expert advises against the baggy look. Gray: "It often looks unkempt and sloppy."

Are the sweatpants suitable as sports pants?

Not really. But the sweatpants were a huge step forward in the evolution of sportswear. Sports scientist Prof. Ingo Froböse (58): "It usually has a band on the ankle and prevents the athlete from kicking the punch while running."

Disadvantage: jogging pants made of cotton are not breathable. When you sweat, the moisture is not released into the environment. "The pants soak up, become heavy and deform," says Froböse. Therefore, pants made of synthetic fibers are better suited for sports.

What if someone asks me about my jogging look?

The best way to answer is with another quote from Lagerfeld: "A touch of humor and a little disrespect, that's all it takes to keep a legend alive."

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