Will Trump insult the queen

UK: Trump insults London Mayor, first reception not by Queen

US President Donald Trump and his family arrived in Great Britain on Monday morning. The agenda of his week-long visit includes mostly ceremonial gatherings - not, as we know, Trump's strength.

During his visit a year ago, he was not particularly careful about royal etiquette and shocked the supporters of the royal family with his clumsy demeanor. Now the question: Will Trump survive a visit to Queen Elizabeth II this time without a faux pas? Buckingham Palace has specially changed the procedure for the state visit, probably to minimize the number of faux pas.

As the "Bild" newspaper reported shortly after the Trumps arrived at Buckingham Palace, the attempt already seems to have failed at the beginning of the meeting: Trump waived both the curtsey and the bow when greeting the Queen. Despite the changed procedure, this is still part of etiquette.

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For example, Trump made Elizabeth II wait 15 minutes in the summer heat last year before arriving for the meeting at Windsor Castle.

Actually, the queen is used to seeing her guests arrive late. This time, it is not the Queen who will receive the US President in the courtyard of Buckingham Palace, but the heir to the throne, Prince Charles.

Formal salutation and small talk

He will also step off the royal bodyguard with Trump - because the guest from the White House did not succeed in doing this without errors on the last visit. He cut off the Queen's path several times, walked in front of her, and turned his back to her. An absurdity according to the British understanding.

Neither Trump nor his wife Melania performed the usual bow to the Queen at the beginning of the meeting. Although this missing gesture was viewed by many as disrespectful, the President, as a head of state and a US citizen, does not, strictly speaking, have to adhere to it.

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Other important points of royal etiquette that Trump and his wife Melania Trump have to observe: the formal address of the Queen with "Your Majesty" the first time and then "Ma'am", no greeting with a handshake, only eat when the Queen starts . And very important: only small talk - no discussions about politics, sex or religion.

Already in numerous faux pas

But it is well known: a lack of caution in dealing has already involved Trump in many small scandal. He fails because of simple manners, such as correctly memorizing the names of his interlocutors. At a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook in the White House in March, Trump spoke of "Tim Apple".

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Many viewers felt even more foreign shame on his state visit to France when he praised the figure of the President's wife Brigitte Macron in front of the cameras.

Comparably harmless on the other hand: During Angela Merkel's first state visit to Washington, he did not shake hands with her during a photo session with journalists, even after repeated requests.

Trump insults London mayors

Shortly before arrival, Trump attacked London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Twitter, who had said that the US President should not be honored with a state visit. Khan was an "ice-cold loser", "who, according to all accounts, did a terrible job as Mayor of London," said Trump.

Khan had written in a newspaper column on Sunday that Trump was "one of the most egregious examples of a growing global threat" from the right-wing camp for liberal democracy.

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