How long do lithium batteries last

How long does an AED battery last?

Battery life of an AED depends on the configuration

The Zoll AED3 defibrillator carries out so-called self-tests so that the functionality of the device is checked regularly. The self-test interval is configurable. With a weekly self-test of the AED, the battery life is 5 years, with a daily self-test 3 years and with an additional WLAN report after each weekly self-test, the battery life is also 3 years.

Battery life of an AED depends on usage

When the AED is in use, the batteries and rechargeable batteries of the device naturally discharge quickly.
If the AED is used, for example, in training or test operation, during which many shocks are delivered in a short time, the battery life is shortened considerably and the batteries must be changed or recharged accordingly.

Battery life of an AED depends on the ambient temperature

How long will an AED's battery last if stored outdoors? Storing AEDs at very low or very high temperatures can dramatically reduce battery life. Therefore, there are air-conditioned wall boxes for AED devices that are stored outdoors and are therefore exposed to greater temperature fluctuations. If the temperature falls below 5 degrees, the heating of the wall cabinet is activated. If the temperature rises to over 30 degrees, the cooling is started. The device and the batteries are protected against extreme temperatures, which has a positive effect on their service life.

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