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The days of making coffee are over: an internship at a startup as a career springboard

"Generation internship" is the name given to students nowadays who have just graduated from university and are sometimes demoted to interns over a period of several years. It is correct: work experience is important and a good internship gives you the opportunity to get it. However, when choosing your internship, you should always make sure that it also advances you professionally and that you are not just a low-cost or - even worse - free worker. In order not to endanger your career and, last but not least, the market, an internship should generally be rewarded financially or through good training, says Scott Gerber on Mashable.com. There he also put together 12 other helpful tips on how to get a good internship to start your career - in a startup company.

Startups are a good stepping stone

Startups are usually modern, quick in their decisions and fresh on the market. If you read through the 12 tips on Mashable, you quickly notice that there is no better place to get your hands dirty because:

  • Startups are looking for someone who works and therefore quickly give their interns responsibility and areas of activity for which they are solely responsible.
  • Everyone does everything in a startup. Extensive work experience is served here on a silver platter, because:
  • In startups, you can usually get a taste of all areas of business.
  • Particularly well suited for this: startups that start with a small team and grow quickly. A takeover after a successful internship is not entirely unrealistic.

Networking made easy

Networking is essential for a career after the internship. A startup offers good opportunities here to build a functioning and advancing network.

  • Flat hierarchies offer you the opportunity to get to know the founders better. They can provide you with experience and tips if you have any questions about how to achieve your goal. When looking for an internship in a startup, make sure that the founders are open and willing to spend their time with interns.
  • Make sure that you are allowed to take risks in your internship. You show who you are best if you can present yourself in difficult situations. So you can show what you are made of and be remembered.
  • Your internship should offer more than just making coffee. Much more. Only when you are allowed to take on responsibility as an intern and your work is really important will you be appreciated - and you will not be let go that easily.
  • Look for role models and bright people to learn from. Money is important, but learning is even more important in an internship. So look for a startup where you can ask questions and get answers. The money in the account shouldn't be your only reward at the end of the internship.

This is how you move forward

An internship is not just about dressing up on your résumé, it is the first step towards a long and successful career. This is something that you should always keep in mind. The following tips will also help you:

  • A startup internship in sales is, almost in the truest sense of the word, worth gold. If you know how to sell, you will continue to be welcome in every startup in the future.
  • Find an internship in an area that is chronically understaffed. There is no better way to make yourself irreplaceable.
  • Beware of overly trendy startups. Also because everyone wants to work here, there is quickly the danger of being exploited or not being used any more than to sort files. It is better to find a start-up internship in a company where bright people trust you and are at your side as mentors. These are the real benefits of an internship in a startup.
  • Find a startup that has already taken on interns. If you've got yourself involved, you don't want to leave your position all the time. A takeover is therefore not only helpful for your career. However, if you are taking over, be careful that you do not remain “the eternal intern”. Your new status should not only be reflected in your finances, but also through a different way of dealing with you.

Many of us have already done an internship in a startup, especially in the online area. What are your tips when looking for the first step in your career?

Source: Mashable.com

Linda Ewaldt studied German and psychology in Hamburg and then sniffed the editorial air in small startups and large companies. Since then she has been working as a freelancer and her specialties are career and health. She prefers to write articles for OnlineMarketing.de that combine both.