What is the evidence of reality

Can we prove the reality?

If there was no reality, everything would be unreal. If everything is unreal, then you are not real, your thoughts are not real, the statements you are making are not real, there is no truth or falsehood, there is no reason, there is nothing but nothing (and not even empty Space since that's something. The verb "is" is just not available, period).

So the person who says "we can't really prove that there is a reality" is speaking nonsense . He makes a logical statement that contains meaning and conveys an idea that is falsifiable and has the ability to correspond or not to correspond to other things. There is an inherent order in his words, and while open to interpretation, there are many things they cannot say, such as "the moon is made of cheese".

It is therefore evident that in his statement about reality he is ultimately claiming that reality exists. You can't say anything at all , without accepting reality. Trying to do something else is a form of gross and public self-indulgence at the expense of other people's value and comfort. However, if there is no reality, then other people don't exist and it doesn't matter what we do to them, does it?

If words have meaning, then reality exists. If words have no meaning then I wish the people who claim so get their gratuitous and gross public self-indulgence as far away from me as possible ...

When a person asks "Does reality exist?" And thinks there's an answer besides utter nonsense like "Zlopfnarglesoweiglawepqoijse" - also "well, we can't really say either way" - then it claims that reality exists.

There is a more compelling way of saying this:

It is a Category error (similar to the question of how the color blue tastes) to ask if the reality can be proven. You can't prove it, and it doesn't matter that you can't. You also can't prove logic or math. Have fun without that. Man got to taking reality for granted in order to do anything, and most importantly, to communicate with others about the nature of reality.