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Windows 10: Simple link crashes PCs with a BSOD

Panagiotis Kolokythas

Entering a special link in the browser can crash Windows 10. Microsoft has known the problem for months.

EnlargeWindows 10 says goodbye to the user with a BSOD ...

With a simple "trick" any Windows 10 PC with a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD for short) can be brought to a crash. All you have to do is enter a special link or path in Chrome. In our test, after entering the link in Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser, we were also able to successfully crash the Windows 10 computer ...

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The problem was discovered by Windows security expert Jonas Lykkegaard, who also discovered another previously unpatched bug in Windows 10 that can damage NTFS partitions (we reported recently).

To crash the Windows 10 PC, just enter the following line in Chrome or Edge and then press Enter:

\. \ globalroot \ device \ condrv \ kernelconnect
(Note: Just believe us that the computer actually crashes after entering this line in Chrome / Edge. We have intentionally not linked the link and it should not be shared as a link with other users.)

Lykkegaard is now making the problem public after informing Microsoft about the problem in several attempts since October 2020 and no corresponding patch for Windows 10 has yet been delivered. At least that's what reports. Specifically, the vulnerability is in the Win32 device namespace path for the "console multiplex driver". Regardless of the user's rights, i.e. even without admin rights, calling up the path could cause the Windows 10 computer to crash. This is due to an incorrect error check of the connection attempt.

The crash bug could be used to annoy users. For example, by distributing the link on websites or calling it up in programs. However, the error could also be misused by potential attackers to crash the attacked computer after a security attack and thus make it more difficult to detect the attack.

A Microsoft spokesman told Bleepingcomputer that the problem was already being investigated and that a corresponding update for the affected Windows 10 versions would be delivered as soon as possible.