Who is your favorite character

Which character from My Hero Academia is slumbering inside you?

Heidewitzka! I forgot what gender you were. No matter! Are you male or female?

If you could choose a superpower that could control any of the four elements, which element would you choose?

You have just been promoted to class 1-A at the UA in the middle of the school year. How do you act on your first day of school?

Now you've managed to be accepted into a well-known elite school, but what's next? Do you learn a lot for school or do you prefer to rely on your natural talent?

School lessons are not always exciting, even for superheroes. What do you think? Can you keep your presence of mind in a boring lesson, or do you eventually just disappear with your head in the clouds?

You are lucky to have found a great new group of friends just a few weeks after starting school. However, apparently not everyone thinks you are that great, as you unfortunately have to find out when Bakugou Katsuki comes over to your seat and tells you completely unsolicited that he totally pukes you. How do you react

Before you can even decide how to solve the problem, Bakugou goes to the ceiling, waving his fists wildly, giving you a long sermon about what doesn't suit him about you, and then challenges you to a duel. How do you react

After a few exhausting first months at your new school, you will take part in a fighting tournament together with your class and take the undisputed first place. How do you deal with this success?

In the schoolyard you see one of your classmates being pushed around and laughed at by other students in tears. How do you react

Over time you get closer and closer to one of your classmates and fall in love with him / her. How do you deal with this situation?

After about a year you have settled in well at your new school and have become quite popular in your class. What do you think, which of your characteristics do your classmates value most in you?

The time has come! After years of buffalo and bone-hard training, you and your class are finally about to take their final exams. However, the test is not for the faint of heart and few of you can actually get your hero license in the process. What is your goal in approaching the matter?

On your first assignment as a pro hero, you have to deal all by yourself with a highly dangerous gang of bank robbers who are superior to you in terms of strength. How do you act in this situation?

Fortunately, after a short while, reinforcements finally arrive and you are now fighting the bank robbers at the side of your friends. You can put the enemy to flight and save the hostage, but the crooks escape and kidnap your best friend. You are also badly injured, but you are also the only hero who is still capable of fighting. How far are you going to save your friend's life?

While you're in the process of chasing after the fled bank robbers and rescuing your best friend, you receive the message that your lover is engaged in a deadly battle at the other end of town and urgently needs your help. How do you decide now?

Which character from My Hero Academia is slumbering inside you?
All Might / Toshinori Yagi