Why are good people always treated badly

5 behaviors to stop being mistreated by others

Last update: 17th August, 2017

Getting treated badly is something we do in our everyday life, unfortunately still encountered in different ways. Maybe it is your partner, a friend, a work colleague, or it is your parents who are unable to treat you in a way that will not harm you.

But you can avoid that because not everyone can be treated so badly. People who disrespect others always choose the "weakest", the most insecure and those who do not know how to react to a situation. over which they suddenly have no control.

"To be treated badly is synonymous with submission, humiliation, domination, fear, slavery."

Juan Antonio Cobo Plana

Do you no longer want to be treated badly and respond appropriately to such a situation? Do you want to put an end to this, but are you afraid of it? Don't submit or accept anything you don't want. Starting today, you decide not to be treated badly in the future.

1. Answer the right way

An appropriate answer can prevent the said culprit from continuing to treat us badly. But how should we do that? We do not always have the courage we need, but it is important that you put all your courage together and know how to answer the other person.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be treated badly in some way because the way we are doing it is not helpful. You can answer correctly in two different ways. You can either answer using closed sentences - short and precise sentences that seem determined and confident, such as:

  • Sorry, but I have to leave at 5:00 p.m.
  • I can't today, I'm sorry.
  • I have other priorities right now.
  • What you are saying is very interesting. I will worry about that.
  • I would like to sleep on it again for one night.

Some of these phrases may seem a bit foolish to you, but if we want us to stop being mistreated, we need to replace our lovely ways with a more specific one every now and then.

Or the second option is to answer as if we were a “scratched CD”. If we stick to our opinion and tell our interlocutor this repeatedly, we convey to him how we feel about something and we remain true to ourselves because we don't want to give in.

2. Keep your sense of humor

Nobody has the right to steal your smile. Even in the most difficult situations, you should stand with your head held high and never lose your smile. This will help you avoid paying too much attention to other people's words. The secret is to know yourself and to know what you are good at and what you may not be good at, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what you lack and what you still have.

If you are a confident person, no one can devalue you. You won't mind any condescending word or hurtful comment. You know who you are and no one else can define you. Smile when someone tries to shame you and put you down with silly comments. You know the truth They do too, but they try to hurt you anyway.

"The best way to overcome difficulties is to attack them with a bewitching smile."

Robert Baden-Powell

3. Say what you are feeling

Why don't you open your mouth when you'd like to say as much as you feel? What are you afraid of? The fear of embarrassing yourself, that we will get it back with double the force, means that we do not say what we think. You may even fear that you could be hurt even more, or you may doubt whether you are at all right. Learn to say what you are feeling and how to express your feelings. This will make you stronger and avoid getting hurt by these people.

The sound makes the music! If you like the way they talk to you then say so. If you are uncomfortable with the way you are treated, you really have to say so! There's nothing wrong with that. You have to learn to express yourself correctly. If others have the audacity to attack you, then you have the courage to defend yourself.

4. Ask and don't just agree!

When someone does not treat us well, we usually remain silent. In this way we agree with what that person says to us, even if we disagree with it. Our silence works against us in these cases.

For this reason you should understand better today than tomorrow that you have to question what you are being told. You are giving the person who is mistreating you an opportunity to come up with several arguments. You know what She won't be able to do that. The bastard is on it with a "Because that's the way it is" reply, but you can make the situation stronger by getting further comments from him to show him that what he is saying to you just doesn't make sense.

Therefore, you shouldn't be embarrassed or convinced, and you shouldn't put yourself on the same level. Give the other person a chance to explain what they cannot explain. Then you know that he's wrong and that his words can't hurt you.

5. Disarm the person who treats you badly

Shall I tell you how to "disarm" the person who treats you badly? It's easy. You just have to know what is blocking this person and what is causing them to no longer know how to answer or react. We have already explained one of these points before, but there are even more options:

  • Make him think to show him he's wrong.
  • Use monosyllabic words to prevent you from playing his game.
  • Speak in a soft, calm voice. If the other one starts screaming, you just don't go along with it. Keep calm!
  • Tire him as much as you can! Answer as if you were a chatterbox - always reply something new.
  • Answer him with one "And?".

So what if we act like this? We are simply left alone. When someone says to you: "You don't wear these colors together, you're wrong!" and you answer it with one "And?" , the person who treats you badly is shocked at first because they don't expect such a reaction. Remember that it gets stronger and stronger if you don't defend yourself and submit.

Free yourself from being mistreated! No matter what you are told or how you are told. It doesn't matter how you are put up. You know who you are and you should defend yourself.

If you treat others badly, you are an insecure being who thinks you feel safe when you are ashamed of others. You can't let that happen! You alone decide whether or not you will be treated badly - be it in a love affair, at school or at work.

Images courtesy of Angela Carte, Gustav Klimt