The McConaughey Lincoln Commercials Why

Why the actor will advertise bourbon as creative director in the future

For the whiskey distillery Wild Turkey, whose roots go back to 1869, it is a big and unusual coup: McConaughey ("Dollar Buyers Club", "Interstellar", "True Detective") has one with the bourbon brand Signed a multi-year contract as Creative Director. In this role, the Oscar winner will not only appear in front of the camera as a brand ambassador in future, but will also develop the next campaign himself as a "Chief Storyteller" and direct the advertising films. The goal: to make Wild Turkey better known in the USA with the prominent support.

But why, of all things, the somewhat outdated whiskey brandy from Kentucky? "With its history and quality, Wild Turkey stands for the dedication of people who follow their very own path - even if this path is not always the easiest," says McConaughey. "I want to help Wild Turkey share their unique story with people by launching a campaign that captures the very special spirit of the brand and presents it like never before."

Wild Turkey Bourbon: Matthew McConaughey Short Film

Before the first campaign by and with the star actor becomes visible in September, a six-minute launch film provides a foretaste. In the clip above, McConaughey visits the Wild Turkey distillery in Kentucky and meets three generations of the Russell family, who together have more than 97 years of experience as master distillers for the company.

The new appearance of the whiskey brand from the house Campariis from the creative agency JWTdeveloped. According to "Ad Age", Wild Turkey is the fifth largest bourbon producer in the United States by sales. dd