Is Liverpool FC a good football team

Premier League Inside: Liverpool FC and the bitter Corona dilemma

There is no doubt that Liverpool are the deserved champions of the Premier League. It is good news for Jürgen Klopp's club that the season should definitely be played to the end. But in the Corona crisis, the situation can change quickly, says SPORTBUZZER columnist Hendrik Buchheister.

It is remarkable the topics on which there are surveys, even in these days when the corona crisis is bringing the world to a standstill. The pollsters of YouGov asked England's football fans whether Liverpool FC should be awarded the championship in the Premier Leagueif the current season could not be played properly to the end. 68 percent were in favor.

And it's also true: The team of coach Jürgen Klopp would be the only deserved champion in England at the end of this seasonEven fans of arch-rivals Manchester United or the embarrassed defending champions Manchester City cannot doubt that. At least not seriously. The Reds are too good to think about. After conceding only one defeat last season and missing the title by one point, they continue to play with the same consistency in this campaign, have basically not been overtaken since Christmas and are currently enthroned with a monstrous lead of 25 points at the top of the table.

Liverpool could have been champions at the weekend

If the corona crisis hadn't got in the way, Liverpool would have arithmetically secured the championship this weekend, as early in the season as no other team in England.

Premier League definitely wants to end the season

The people of Merseyside reacted with particularly great relief to the decision of the Premier League on Thursday to definitely end the season.No matter how long it takes. And not about breaking it off and declaring it invalid. Karren Brady, the vice-president of the (relegation-threatened) London club West Ham United, had suggested that. Liverpool FC have been waiting for the championship for 30 years, so they will be able to cope with the wait a few weeks (or months) longer. The Reds community is convinced that the coronation is only postponed, but it will take place in any case. And rightly so.

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Nonetheless, there is of course uncertainty - simply because everything is uncertain at the moment. The situation is changing rapidly. Last Wednesday, Liverpool played in the last 16 knockout stages in the Champions League against Atlético Madrid in front of full stands. A scenario that is absurd from today's perspective. Until eight days ago, the Premier League assumed that match operations could continue without interruption despite the Corona crisis. Even that, with today's knowledge: absurd.

How tenable the plan is to end the season will only be revealed when the last game is over. And if Liverpool's captain Jordan Henderson really lifts the championship cup.