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Cheap calls to Estonia. What to call Estonia: Telephone Code of Estonia

If a person has relatives in Estonia, you need to know how to get through. After all, international calls have to be correct. Depending on the device (stationary or mobile phone) you have to enter a specific combination of numbers in front of the participant number.

When it is necessary to call this northern European country from a city phone, not everyone knows how to dial the number. In order to implement this procedure, it is necessary to recruit not only the number of participants in Estonia, but also the city code as well as the country code. In this case the country code is 372.

However, this is not all that is required to call the subscriber. To call Estonia from the home phone, you still need to score 8-10 and wait for the beep so that the subscriber goes to the international line, and only then do you need to recruit 372. Then you have to wait for a long beep, To dial the city code or the code of the mobile operator, the number is the final subscriber.

It is also worth noting that IP telephony is often used a lot, that is, one person makes a call using different applications. Thanks to such innovations, you do not have to spend a lot of money on negotiations. Such applications can be completely free, or they can charge very little money compared to paying for a home phone.

However, if a person does not have the opportunity to use modern equipment, and there is a need for Estonia, not in the city, but on the mobile number, then you do not need to recruit the city code, but the code from the mobile operator who places a person in this country enjoys. Simply put, the scheme of calls to Estonia looks like: 8-10-372- (Mobile Operator Code) - (Subscriber Number).

In this case, calling Estonia from Russia is much easier, there is no need to wait for horses and go to the international line. Just type + then type 372 and immediately press the operator's city code, after which the subscriber number is directly in Estonia and press the calling key.

It looks like this: + 372- (Mobile Operator Code or City Code) - (Subscriber number in Estonia).

How to call Tallinn from Russia: Tallinn City Code

When calling the capital of Estonia, besides the country code, you need to know the code of Tallinn: 6. Tallinn code for dialing a number, which you only need if the call is made at home (stationary) telephone. If you want to call a mobile phone, you do not need the Tallinn code. The number set method for each of the cases is described in detail below.

So to call the capital of Estonia from a regular home phone On the same landline phone in Tallinn, you have to do a little: to dial 8-10, wait for a long beep and enter 372 (Estonian code) 6 (Tallinn code) and subscriber number. It is worth noting that the numbers must be pressed quickly enough, it is not recommended that the interval be more than 5 seconds, otherwise the call may be interrupted. To call Mobile instead of 6, you need to dial the cellular code

The entire set scheme looks like this:

  • 8-10-372-6 [or Mobile Operator Code] -XXXXXX [Subscriber Number]

Notice! In Tallinn 6-digit urban number!

For calls to the capital of Estonia from a mobile phone A person can use the same scheme as at home (only in this case the beeps do not have to wait), but you can simplify the number of the number. To do this, simply dial + 372- (6 or mobile operator code) of the participant.

  • + 372-6 [or mobile operator code] -XXXXX [subscriber number]

Calling Narva: Narva Telephone Code of Russia

Narva is a city where 80% of Russians of nationality live or there is a sufficiently large number of people connected to the Russian Federation. Therefore, very often a large number of residents of Russia are interested in making calls to this city, which is only 150 km from St. Petersburg. Narva from a landline phone that is required:

  1. 8-10 Wait for the beep.
  2. Dial the country code - 372.
  3. Narva city code - 35.
  4. Direct participant number.

When the call is made from a Russian mobile phone, the digit set procedure is as follows: + 372-35 (city code) - phone number, while no beeps wait, makes no sense.

  • 8-10-372-35 [or mobile operator code] -XXXXX [subscriber number] - from stationary
  • + 372-35 [or mobile operator code] -XXXXX [subscriber number] - from the mobile.

Call to Tartu: Tartu Code

To make calls to this city, a person from the Russian Federation should do exactly the same operation as in any other city in Estonia. From the city phone you should enter the following combination of numbers: 8-10 (waiting for the beep) - the country code (372) - the city code of Tartu (7) is the number of the final subscriber.

Through and large, calls between different cities are made almost identically to each other. Only the city code changes, you can see them at the end of the article.

When making a call from a Russian mobile phone to your home in Tartu, you need to enter such a combination of numbers: +3727 and subscriber number. It is worth noting separately if the call is not in the home number of Tartu, but on the number of the mobile phone, in this case, in this case, at the end of the figure "7" - not instead of Enter the Cellular code.

  • 8-10-372-7 [or mobile operator code] -XXXXX [subscriber number] - from stationary
  • + 372-7 [or mobile operator code] -XXXXX [subscriber number] - from the mobile.

Call from Estonia to Russia

From Estonia to Russia you will need to call differently when the call is made from a landline phone. The fact is that in most European countries the exit to the international relationship is not carried out (8-10), A (00). If the call is sent from the home phone to the subscriber, who is located in the Russian Federation, then you need to enter the following combination of numbers: 00 (waiting for the beep) - 7 (Russian code) - (city code or mobile operator ) - participant number.


Always big when a person knows the country code and year of the city to easily make calls in this Northeurway country. Therefore, if you have family members or friends in Estonia, don't forget them and please with an unexpected phone call.

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Cheap calls B. Estonia.

How can I make cheap calls? Estonia.

To do this, it is enough to get a simple registration on the provider's website that provides internet telephony services. Then nothing is difficult, it's like buying a SIM card, only faster. The rules for the number of the number when calling Estonia is as follows:

To begin with, from whichever phone you are dialing the number from, you need to solve with a digital or ordinary home

Option 1. Select if you are calling Estonia from a regular phone:

  • Have to go to the international line for this guy 8-beep-10
  • 372
Option 2. Select if you are calling Estonia from a cellular (digital) phone:
  • Have to go into the pipeline for this type +
  • Then you have to enter the country code, because Estonia, the phone number of the country 372
  • Then select the city code or mobile operator
  • Then dial the subscriber's seven-digit phone number
sign + Means what you want to go to the international line.

Telephone codes of the main cities of Estonia:

An example of a set of a number when calling Estonia:

+372 6 1231111

+372 This is the country code of Estonia
6 City Tallinn.
1231111 subscriber number.

Immediately say that the cost of one minute to call Estonia is $ 0.02 per minute of the call.

How much should you call from Estonia and Estonia?

To find out the cost of the call, go to the rates page for calling every other country. You get the location to the Internet telephony provider, and you can call the tariff network from any country, including Estonia. After all, it is absolutely not important where you are at the moment, all the tariffs indicated on the calls that you create the country that you need. The operator does not determine your location because the tariff is linked to an outgoing call and the connection fee is missing.

  • Business Direction Standard Free Super Unlimited Corporation
  • Estonia 0.02 0.025 0.025 0 * 0.025
  • Estonia - Mobile 0.312 0.39 0.39 0.39 0.39
  • Estonia ELISA - MOBILE 0.024 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03
  • Estonia EMT - Mobile 0.024 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03
  • Estonia Personnel NR 0.544 0.68 0.68 0.68 0.68
  • Estonia Tele2 - Mobile 0.024 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03
  • Estonia vas - mobile 0.544 0.68 0.68 0.68 0.68

Buy a direct phone number in Estonia

The cost of a direct phone number in Estonia starts from $ 3 a month.
On the operator's website, after registering, you can buy Estonia phone number
All incoming calls are free!


All prices for calls and rooms in Estonia are given at the operator's place, because they are very frequent to reduce!

Did you find the cost of calling Estonia on another site? And you know that replenishing the account, even for a small amount, will get you 400 free minutes to popular destinations?

Find out the cost of other calls from calls from Estonia:

In a trip, there is a lot of concern about the features for cellular communication, since roaming abroad is quite expensive. In addition, there is often a concern that the phone will stop "catching" in some areas and there will be a danger of going out of communication. There are no problems with mobile quality in Estonia - the area of ​​coverage includes the entire territory of the country, including the islands in the Baltic Sea.

The cost of cellular services in Estonia is available to any traveler, so it is best to purchase a local SIM card for making calls in their home country while traveling to the central regions of the country. In the border areas, Russian cellular networks work successfully, so you can do so while driving to Narva without changing the SIM card.

For short trips (for example within a day around) you can make without buying a local SIM card. In addition, in the border areas of Estonia, mobile communications from Russian operators work perfectly together. It is noteworthy that, for example, in NARVA, cellular services are charged on "Home" godparents: this region of Estonia falls under the reporting of the Russian relay stations.

In Tallinn and other cities away from the border, the price of services is operated in third-party roaming.

Attention! The cost of services is given for reference, you can check the mobile operator's website for updated information.

Connect the SIM card of one of the Estonian operators is beneficial in the case when you go on a long trip.

Mobile services in Estonia are offered by three operators - "Tele 2", "ELISA" and "EMT". All three companies produce individual traveler products - conversation cards. When buying, it does not require registration of a service contract, and payment is made in a minute of conversation or megabytes of data received.

Tourists are the easiest to use prepaid cell plans. In Estonia, the cost of the starting service package starts from 10 euros, and in a cellular salon you can connect additional options - for example, an increase in Internet traffic.

You can buy a starter kit in cellular salons. Payment service cards per 100, 200 and 500 kroner are also sold in kiosks, petrol stations and supermarkets.

Tele 2 - Estonia

The Swedish concern "Tele 2", known in Russia, produces conversation cards for tourists under the brand "Smart". The cost of a conversation with calls with calls to the number of other cellular operators in Estonia ranges from 0.03 euros.

To save funds, you can combine additional service packages: while the cost of a conversation with Rosia will be 0.09 euros.


In Estonia, mobile communication is considered the most reliable by the ELISA operator. The cost of calling Estonia to Russia starts from 0.51 euros per minute. However, you can join any of the special packages and the price will be below.

In addition to SIM cards for payment cards, ELISA offers special conversation kits for travelers. It includes a simple phone, a SIM card and the ability to use various services at a reduced price.

EMT simple.

EMT is the largest cellular operator in Estonia. Special SIM cards for travelers and tariffs are produced under the Simpel brand, which are advantageous when calling from Estonia abroad. The cost of one minute of the conversation with Russia is about 0.52 euros, depending on the selected service pack.

Simple services are particularly interesting for those who use the Internet a lot on the Internet. The cost of gigabytes of traffic when buying a service - 2 euros.

In order to avoid uncomfortable situations while traveling in Estonia, you need to record the phone numbers of various services in advance:

  • 110 - police
  • 112 - Ambulance and fire department
  • 626 1111 - Inquiry office
  • 645 7777 - Information for tourists
  • +372 646 4131 - Consular Department of the Russian Embassy

When using local cellular operators in Estonia, calls to "emergency rooms" are free.

So it is necessary to write the number of the phone number of the hotel where you stopped or direct (if you attend

Do you have an international business and need to call Estonia often? Or do your friends and relatives live there and are so important that you can learn about their lives? Time can fly with your favorite people, and a 5-minute conversation can reset the balance. Would you like to call how much and not the funds issued count? Connect VoIP telephony and talk at the lowest prices!

What do I call Estonia Dövo?

Do you think cheap calls to Estonia are unreal? Communicate on our website, read the tariff plan and you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the prices are below what you normally pay. To start using the Voipscan service, it is enough that you receive a simple registration, the instructions that you can see on our website. Have any questions? Contact them. Support and operators are encouraged to register, as you register, and also to consult tariffs. Call Estonia in three ways:
  • without internet through the link;
  • through SIP;
  • through the browser.
On our website you can calculate the price of an international call using a specially built-in tariff calculator. We keep the price analysis of VoIP operators and therefore always know how to call Estonia is even cheaper. Choosing the cheapest tariff plan for you interests us not only in your financial costs, but also in the quality of the connection we provide while we maintain your safety and it is pleasant. To call Estonia could be Döszovo at the moment, Voipscan has prepared a gift for new users. After registering, you will receive money in the account, which will allow you to call free of charge. Call possible opportunities and enjoy high-quality communication with near and co-workers.

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Beautiful picturesque Estonia - the optimal choice for family recreation lovers; In addition, relatives live there in many Russians. If there is a need? It will also be useful in learning how to save on touch, deciding on the most profitable options.

How do you call from Russia to Estonia?

To make a correct call, not only should you start from the correct sequence of actions, but also from entering the code of the country in which you will be calling. For example for calls from the mobile phone:
+ 372 rooms, where a three-digit combination after the "plus" sign is an Estonian code.

If you have to call the city from mobile phones, set:
+ 372 customer code.

For example, to call the Estonian capital, select:
+ 3726 room where Sixer Tallinn is in.

Of course, it is more practical if the stationary machine is available. In this case, the following input request is used:
810372 city code.

Example with the Estonian capital:
8103726 number.

After you win the eight you must hear the beep, and only then 10-ku - the exit code on the international line.

Of course, the prices for international calls can be described as extremely disadvantageous. How do I call from Russia to Estonia cheaper? Let's try to find out.

Rescue calls in Estonia from Russia

The Estonian EMT operator offers sufficiently profitable rates for calls and SMS to Russia. For example, the challenge to the local Russian number costs € 0.132 per minute of the conversation. For mobile internet you get very affordable prices. The operator tariffs act on the numbers of all Russian operators with whom the EMT contract is concluded.

Another excellent alternative to ordinary international phone calls - IP telephony. Thanks to her one minute of conversation with the subscriber from Estonia costs $ 0.02. When the call is received it is redistributed between different operators. Famous Estonian service providers: Tele2, mentioned above the EMT, the Vas, the ELISA operator, etc. In this case it is possible to connect different packages - for example "Standard" or "Economy" (names can be different, but the essence of the same ). Instead, you can buy a direct phone number that costs from $ 3 per month.

An excellent option is to use Skype. If another participant is added to the contact list, they can make a voice or video call by paying only the traffic cost. In the absence of a person in the list of contacts, you can call Skype on a regular number by opening a window with a dialer. It is true in the latter case that you will still have to pay for such calls.