What's worse is regret or failure

A SAY : When organs fail

German lawyers are something special. They are organs of the administration of justice. You are qualified to hold judicial office and have a mandate to protect the legality of processes. They have special rights against surveillance and privileges so as not to face criminal prosecution themselves. At the same time, they move in a tight professional corset and can be disciplined by their chambers.

The lawyer was allowed to settle around 500 euros per day of the meeting

Lawyers are vital organs of the rule of law. All the worse if organ failure occurs, as is now the case in the NSU trial. A lawyer had arranged for a victim to be mediated, apparently for money, and registered as a representative of the secondary prosecution. Now that the allegedly injured party should be questioned, it turns out that the woman does not exist. A scam. Possibly even one of the lawyer who was allowed to settle around 500 euros per day of the session with the state.

The chairman Manfred Götzl should have followed up early clues, not only criticize the defendants Zschäpe's defense lawyers. There is a pitiful attempt to twist the cord out of this for the court. Sheer nonsense. The judges would have been torn to pieces if they had suspected the victims of the NSU in advance that they were not victims. Götzl and his assessors have now become victims themselves. You can feel sorry for her, but not blame her.

We have not heard anything from Justice Minister Maas, who otherwise reports to all the agitators of medium-sized judicial policy or who has new laws drafted straight away. Strange, because the event throws a spotlight on excesses of the strengthening of victim rights in criminal proceedings, which has been demanded and promoted over the years. In principle, there is nothing wrong with these reforms. With around 11,000 secondary lawsuits annually, however, a business area has emerged that attracts “victim lawyers” who want to make a public profile with relatively little work. The Code of Criminal Procedure does not expect much from the accessory prosecutor. He can stay out of it and let the prosecutor do the job.

The secondary action brings feelings into the process, especially in proceedings that have been observed. The victims' feelings. You can only read in the press that secondary prosecutors also achieve significant things. It's because they often cooperate with journalists and give them access to the files. Unlike defense lawyers, they are often very talkative. Viewed as a whole, however, their contribution to establishing the truth is rather small.

The organ failure in the NSU process indicates possible malfunctions in the organism. The patient should remain under observation.

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