How will 5G change the business?

So the 5G cellular network will change your everyday life

5G in everyday life: play top graphics games on the go

Unbelievable for gamers, but still true: no longer having to download games and being dependent on the storage capacity, but instead simply stream them. "Hatch Cloud Gaming" is the name of the first streaming service for games that Vodafone is already making available to you. You read that correctly - you can download the app now from the Google Play Store or register for the in-house beta version from Telekom. But although there are already over 100 games available, this idea is still in its infancy and will only unfold its full spectrum of possibilities with the 5G network.

That the so-called Cloud gaming will only have its future with the 5G connection has many reasons. For example, this is the only way to ensure that the stream really runs smoothly and without interference, which is still the case now and then - an absolute no-go in the game flow. With lightning-fast data transmission, this will no longer happen to you in the 5G network. But the data volume can also thwart your plans, because some games need a lot of it. Before you start using the service, you should check what your current LTE contract offers. You can also look forward to graphically complex games that you can play on the go in everyday life via 5G, without having to have a powerful smartphone or being tied to a stable WiFi.

5G in everyday life: Smart homes will become smarter

The most important function of the next generation of mobile communications is above all that Networking. And that also brings new possibilities in the smart home area. In the 5G-supported smart home of the future, service robots and all building technology - from washing machines to refrigerators to heating - should be able to be controlled completely from the smartphone and communicate with one another by being directly connected to the network. Checking the best-before date of food and beverages or automatically reordering them in the store would then become a matter of course. WLAN is often not an alternative, for example if the range is insufficient. Additional adapters and amplifiers, in turn, extend the reaction times - with a 5G network, all of this becomes superfluous and the number of options for controlling your smart home via the telephone becomes gigantic. Although this has so far been at least partially possible, according to expert opinions 5G is needed so that the smart home market can really establish itself in households and become more intelligent.