Is the food in EXKi restaurants really healthy?

9 bar Podcast: Coffee, Gastro & Co.

Long before Corona, the trend began that people not only want to eat, but also want to promote their health with it. A few keywords: superfoods, low carb, juicing, gluten-free or clean eating. Corona has significantly increased the desire for healthy nutrition - according to a study by the GFK, Germans have been eating significantly healthier since and during the crisis.

Of course, this also spills over into the catering industry - smoothies, salads, soups, gluten-free cakes and wholemeal pizzas are moving into restaurants and cafes, and healthy chains such as Bite Delite, Dean & David or Exki are already successful on the market.

While there will always be people who want to reward themselves with all sorts of little messes when they go to a restaurant, you should - in line with your own concept - have the target group on your screen who also want to eat healthily outside.

Unfortunately, the area of ​​fast to go food and health in particular is often almost completely excluded. A gap in the market.

This trend offers restaurateurs the opportunity to inspire the current target group with additional offers or to attract new, more health-conscious target groups. Need some ideas on how to do it? This is what today's trend following is all about!

You will learn specifically:
1. How does the diet change specifically?
2. Four practical ideas that can be implemented quickly and easily
3. Inspiration through some best practice cases from the gastro

Have fun!

Show notes for today's episode:
- Kombucha:
- Regional juices:
- Hop limo:
- Scavi & Ray non-alcoholic sparkling wine:
- Alcohol-free gin:

- Dean & David:
- Exki:
- Bite Delite:
- Laura's Deli:
- Vincent Vegan:
- Vunk Food:
- Tian Munich:
- Daddy Longlegs:
- Aloha Poke:
- Bowls & Blenders: