What is haila

Salsa musician: Haila Mompie

Origin: Cuba

Genre: Timba / Salsa Cubana

The Cuban singer's full name is Haila María Mompié González. It is known to a large public under the name Haila. Haila was born on January 28, 1974 in Amancio Rodríguez (Las Tunas). At the age of 9 she studied dance in Santiago de Cuba.

19 () her family moved to Havana. In 1991 she met the son singer Yaquelín Castellanos. With your group Septeto Tradición Haila then started her singing career. Another station was the group Bamboleo 1994.

Together with the composer and musician Leonel Limonta, Haila founded the group in 1998 Azúcar Negra. With the hit Andar Andando They quickly gained international fame.

From 2001, Haila has been walking solo. 5 albums have been released since. The album from 2011 is remarkable. She recorded it entirely in Puerto Rico in the studio of merengue star Olga Tanon, with whom she is friends.


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